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Finding the best therapist for you is one of the greatest predictors of your success. I offer you a Free No-Obligation Confidential Consultation service, so you can be fully informed of how I can best help you and what is involved.

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If you are considering my services, have questions or wish to book an appointment, I want to handle your enquries personally. You will find the most rapid access to me (Dr Rhead) is by contacting me by email in the first instance. You can email me directly HERE to discuss your particular needs in confidence.

If you feel able, please do let me know in your email:-

  1. Briefly, your current difficulties
  2. Your location and which Practice you are interested in attending
  3. Contact details
  4. If you have particular availability requirements e.g evenings

Following discussion, we can schedule your Free Telephone Enquiry Call to discuss matters further, as you wish.

Only I read emails so your confidence is assured. Please do check your junkmail as well as your inbox, just in case my reply lands there.

Our discussion allows us together to decide the best way forward for you. Its important that we both genuinely feel that we can form a good working alliance together that will ensure the success you deserve.

You will get an unbiased, expert opinion as to the help you require for your particular circumstances.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have and explain what you can expect from our work together.

There is no obligation to book an appointment and very often I am able to give you helpful and informative information that previous enquirers have found invaluable.

I do have several excellent Associate Hypnotherapists and Hypno-Psychotherapists who are also able to help you immediately with many issues at competitive fees. Essentially, my colleagues, I consider to be the best trained and most professional practitioners of the local alternative hypnotherapists available locally. The option of associate referral is something we can also discuss within our preliminary discussions.

Your emails are handled in strict confidence.

Read more about Booking a Session here.

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