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As a highly experienced Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Mind-Body Specialist and Coach who is also a UK Qualified Medical Doctor, I help people find true, lasting freedom from anxiety, trauma, IBS, insomnia, alcohol, pain, medical issues and stress-related health problems naturally - without medication or side effects. 

With over 30 years professional experience and expertise, I have helped many thousands of clients go on to lead happier and healthier lives and I would be honoured to help you too.

I understand that your issues are highly personal and it is important for you to find safe, effective help you can trust. Many clients will choose my services because they have real peace of mind knowing that as a highly experienced, leading UK Medical Hypnotherapist and Hypno-Psychotherapist, as well as an experienced NHS Medical Doctor, they are in  very safe and professional hands.

My comprehensive and broad approach integrates my extensive hypnotherapy experience with my medical knowledge and expertise. I offer you a truly holistic, personalised experience with excellent results in a relatively short period of time. My unique hypnotherapy treatment approach uses effective science-based approaches from hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, holistic medicine, psychology, psycho-sensory therapy, brain science research, mindfulness and lifestyle medicine with a wealth of real life wisdom and experience.

Many clients who achieve success with my unique holistic approach have previously tried other helps including medical treatment, therapy, CBT, counselling, mindfulness, self-help and hypnotherapy elsewhere.

"I cannot rate Dr Rhead higher in my professional esteem. She is a compassionate, professional practitioner who brings her medical and hypnotherapeutic knowledge and experience into an amazing concert of warmth, empathy and congruence. 

In my opinion, she is without doubt, one of the most truly gifted practitioners in the UK."

Shaun Brookhouse, MA. Principal of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. President of the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy

Warm, open and non-judgmental, I will approach you as a unique individual. Rather than focusing on symptoms and medical labels, we look broadly and holistically at all aspects of your health, lifestyle and emotions to identify the underlying root causes and imbalances. From there, I tailor a bespoke treatment plan personalised to you based in the latest medical neuroscience and research.

As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH) , my established, busy practice receives regular referrals from self-referring clients as well as NHS Consultants, Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Solicitors, Therapists and other professionals. 

For your peace of mind, I am a fully registered Medical Practitioner of good standing with the General Medical Council (GMC).

If you are 'sick and tired' of feeling sick and tired, please contact me in confidence today to find our how I can help; I would be truly honoured to help you.

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Dr Emma Rae Rhead

B.Sc (Hons), M.B.Ch.B, MRSB, Dip Clin Hyp, DEHP, ECCH

Medical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, MInd-Body Specialist, Qualified Registered UK Medical Doctor
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine


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