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Thank you for your interest in my practice; I am delighted to have you here because, over my 25 years experience helping individuals find freedom from real distress and life’s difficulties, I know what peace, health and wellbeing is possible for you!

As a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, medical doctor and coach, I offer private, confidential, one-to-one treatment and coaching programmes that are bespoke and tailored to your needs. My approach is broad and truly holistic addressing all aspects of self - mind, body, emotions and spirit- to encourage you towards your best health, healing and happiness.

My holistic approach is based on a sound medical understanding of your symptoms and condition as an NHS hospital doctor for over a decade. The interventions I use are based on the latest hypnosis and neuroscience research evidence available, where this exists, and combine the best of hypnotherapy, Inner Child therapy, therapeutic coaching, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness based approaches, energy psychology, mind-body-spirit approaches. Together we aim to identify, target and resolve the underlying root causes of your problems, rather than just managing presenting symptoms or medical labels. Being immersed in therapeutic work for over three decades, I have very many tools and process in my tool box to help you.

We start with an initial consultation and assessment where together we explore and discover the roots of the presenting issue(s) in detail. We discuss solutions, what you are hoping to achieve in our work together and the level of support you feel you will need from me. I then plan a comprehensive holistic treatment programme bespoke to you and your needs.

To find out how I can help you, as your first step, please contact me today in confidence.

All our work together is wholly collaborative, based on trust, honesty, respect and non-judgment. 

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Dr Emma Rae Rhead
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