Private One-to-One Appointments with Dr Emma Rae Rhead

** Due to very high demand for my unique, specialist services,  I run a permanent waiting time for new clients. My practice is now fully booked for approx. 5 months ahead.  With deep regret, as a result of waiting times, I am unable to accept any new enquiries at this time. If you wish to be notified when enquiries and my waiting list re-open to new clients, please email here**

How Therapy with Dr Emma Works

With over 25 years experience in medical, therapeutic and holistic medical practice, I have helped many thousands of people improve their health, well-being and success.

I offer you an individualised, person-centred treatment approach that is collaborative.

Working together, I will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. I am  used to working with people from all walks of life, in a friendly and compassionate way. Having many years of experience, I only work with people who I think will benefit from my approach, and who genuinely want to make positive changes in their lives.

My experienced approach is based on a sound medical understanding of your symptoms, disease process, conventional medical management and integrative medical approach. We aim together to identify and treat the underlying causes of your problems, not just the presenting complaint.

For every client new to my practice, we begin with a comprehensive detailed consultation and assessment of your difficulties, health and lifestyle. This clinical and psychological assessment is vital for successful, effective and safe treatment as it allows me to uncover the root cause(s) of your problems. I can then target treatment to the undelying cause, rather than just treating presenting symptoms or medical labels.

Following initial assessment, I will go through my assessment findings with you and explain the best approach moving forward. Treatment approaches are bespoke to you and drawn from my unique blend of dynamic transformational hypnotherapy combined with appropriate cutting edge psychotherapeutic, coaching and lifestyle interventions.

All sessions are fully integrated which means you don't have to concern yourself with which type(s) of therapy is best for you. Following initial assessment, treatments include both powerful hypnosis treatment and additional dynamic interventions.

Clients interested in meditation, self-hypnosis, therapeutic yoga, breathwork and other holistic health care approaches may choose to incorporate these into their individualised treatment plan, as appropriate. Together we plan the most effective treatment approach for you.

You can be certain that your treatment will be individual and bespokely tailored to your unique needs.

Guide to the Number and Frequency of Therapy Sessions

The fast transformational hypnotherapy and psycho-therapeutic methods I use aim to offer a rapid approach compared to other psychological therapies.

Most issues will need a few hours work together for your safe and lasting success, although some highly motivated clients may achieve their success in a very short time. Generally, I advise clients seeking hypnotherapy that 2 - 4 sessions would be typical for many issues. Some issues may be substantially helped in less, other more stubborn issues may require more.

My aim is always to help you achieve genuine, safe and lasting success in the fastest time possible for you.



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