Private One-to-One Appointments with Dr Emma Rae Rhead

** Due to high demand for services as an experienced medically-qualified hypnotherapist, Dr Rhead often runs a waiting time for new therapy clients requiring regular therapy. Her Chester practice is currently fully booked until September for clients requiring regular therapy.

If you wish to secure a client place now for September, please contact to discuss. Due to the intensive nature of Dr Rhead's work with each client, Dr Rhead only works with a limited number of motivated clients per month.  Client places are secured on a first come, first served basis**

  • Free Initial Pre-Appointment Consultation by Telephone or Email - Who you choose as your therapist is vitally important to your success in therapy. To allow us to explore the possibility of working together, I offer a free pre-appointment consultation service by telephone or email, as you prefer.

With over 25 years experience in medical and therapeutic practice, I have helped many 1000s of people improve their health and well-being. I am often able to give information, guidance and advice that is immediately beneficial.

  • Unique Treatment Approach - I offer an individualised, person-centred treatment approach that is collaborative. We aim together to address the underlying causes of your problems.

My experienced approach is based on a sound medical understanding of your symptoms, disease process and conventional medical management.

For every client new to my practice, we begin with a detailed assessment of your difficulties, health and lifestyle. This assessment is vital for successful, effective and safe treatment as it allows us to target treatment to the root cause of your difficulties.

Following assessment, treatment approaches are drawn from my unique blend of modern transformational hypnotherapy combined with appropriate psychotherapeutic and coaching interventions. Clients interested in meditation, yoga, breath work and other holistic health care approaches may choose to incorporate these into their treatment, as appropriate. Together we plan the most effective treatment approach for you.

Your first appointment is 2 hours long and includes assessment and treatment. Subsequent sessions are generally 1 hour, although you may choose a 2hr follow up session.

Fees in Chester vary depending on your availability needs, but start from £190 per hour for weekday daytime sessions between 10am -5pm. I offer a very limited number of early morning slots at 8am and 9am, and also 5pm or 6pm slot. Fees for these ‘pre 10am or post 5pm’ sessions are £250 per hour.

  • Breakthrough Intensive Hypnotherapy Sessions (3hrs) - These are suitable for highly motivated clients with suitable issues and require an initial telephone assessment. Dr Rhead is simply unable to work with every client who contacts her for support for these sessions and assesses suitability very carefully. If you are interested in one of these places, please contact Dr Rhead to discuss your particular needs. Fees vary depending on your availability needs and issues.

Guide to the Number and Frequency of Therapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy and modern transformational psycho-therapeutic methods aim to offer a rapid approach compared to other psychological therapies.

In truth, no therapist can tell you exactly how many sessions will be needed for your success, despite their marketing, as every person and their issues are unique.

Most issues will need a few hours work together for your safe and lasting success, although some highly motivated clients may achieve their success in what seems like a very short time. Generally, I advise clients seeking hypnotherapy that 3-5 sessions would be typical for many issues. Some issues may be substantially helped in less, other more stubborn issues may require a little more.

My aim is always to help you achieve genuine, safe success that lasts in the fastest time possible for you.



Dr Emma Rae Rhead Hypnotherapy Chester
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