Holistic Alcohol Services

Holistic Alcohol Services Chester Hypnotherapy Liverpool

Do you need confidential support to reduce your drinking?

I offer a confidential holistic service for client wishing to stop or reduce their alcohol use.

This is a bespoke person-centred approach tailored to your precise needs in which we work together to reduce harmful drinking and promote postive and healthy lifestyle choices in a way that you can maintain.

Depending upon your circumstances and needs, we draw from therapeutic approaches from within clinical hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, mindfulness, meditation practices, yoga, coaching, counselling and other complementary and mind-body healing therapies to help you achieve your aim of abstinence or reduction depending on your needs and aims.

For more information about this confidential service, please contact me (Emma) directly in confidence here Confidential Alcohol Services. Only I sees emails, so your confidence is assured.


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Safe, Effective Alcohol Support Services and Hypnotherapy with a Medical Doctor
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