Why Choose Me?

With a bewildering choice of hypnotherapists available, here are some reasons why you might choose me.

  • Peace of Mind.  As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (for Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine), every client of mine receives a Premium Quality Safe Expert Hypnotherapy service alongside the medical knowledge, professionalism and expertise of a Qualified Medical Doctor. With 7 years university training and 12 years postgraduate relevant training in medicine and 20 years training and experience in therapy, I estimate the cost of my training to date to be at least £450,000 to £490,000 pounds compared to the average Hypnotherapist training which typically can be 5 days to a few weeks, at a cost of £1.5 - £2.5k on average. Every pound of the training I have received is relevant, useful and at your disposal should we choose to work together. Don't you deserve the very best?
  • Its important to be aware that the title 'Hypnotherapist' is not a regulated title in law which means anyone can market themselves as a Hypnotherapist with little or no training, no accountability. no ethical code and no insurance. The vast majority of the time, at best poorly trained practitioners are ineffectual which makes them an expensive waste of your time and your money. At worst, poorly trained and unskilled practitioners do harm. In my practice I work regularly with clients who have seen other Hypnotherapists before with no result.
  • Highly Regulated and Accountable. My practice is strictly regulated by the General Medical Council, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, and the other professional UK bodies to which I am a member. You can read more the Codes of Ethics, Conduct and Performance I am bound to here.
  • 25 years Experience and Expertise. Having been privileged to work clinically with people with a wide range of mental and physical health issues for over 25 years. I have tens of thousands of hours of face-to-face client experience with literally thousands of people from all walks of life and in all manner of circumstances, at times, deeply distressing. Whatever issues or problems you need help to change, I am highly skilled and confident dealing sensitively with all manner of issues, from straightforward to complex or distressing issues. 

    I am comfortable working with clients with complex medical and emotional needs. Many of these may have worked with numerous Hospital Consultants and/or Therapists, and find that I can bring something fresh, relevant and new that allows them to move forward.

  • Contemporary Integrative Approach. I offer therapeutic interventions that are deeply rooted within psycho-therapeutic theory and research, brain science and evidence-based as orthodox treatments, as far as is possible. Where the evidence-base is limited for your particular issues, I will explain this. Its important to remember, however, that scientific evidence-base only takes us so far; Being a Practitioner is as much an Art as a Science.


  • Special Skills. As a person I am warm, authentic, down-to-earth and approachable. As a Practitioner, I am confident, knowledgable, inuitive and potent; I pride myself in being able to get to the root of an issue with clarity and precision.

When it comes to the use of hypnosis, my style is powerful and targeted, yet gentle and non-invasive. I tend to use a Present and Future focused solution focused approach, rather than focusing on the past.

Did you know that finding a highly experienced dynamic change therapist with these skills you can have confidence in is the greatest predictor of your success in therapy? I am confident that I have been able to do just that for very many people and am delighted to offer my services to you. 


  • Highly Recommended. Many clients seek my services following glowing recommendation from former clients; My practice receives regular referral from NHS Hospital Consultants for Medical Hypnosis, GPs, Occupational Health Physicians, Dentists, Solicitors, Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and other Hypnotherapists, as well as self-referring clients.
  • Bespoke Solutions. I approach every person I work with as a unique and precious individual. No one else has your story, your body, or is affected by your issues the way they affect you. I tailor each and every session to your needs. I recognise that you are the expert on you and so we will work together to find a permanent resolution in the shortest time required.

  • Passion. I am so passionate about the positive benefits and relief of suffering that excellent professional hypnotherapy and psychotherapy services can bring to people lives that I gave up an established medical career to provide it!

    The privilege of being able to provide you with this service is by far the most rewarding and satisfying part of my career to date. I love my work and if you chose me as your Therapist, I am confident you will feel some of my passion too.

Call me to see how I can help you on 01244 470181 or email me at emma@chesterhypnotherapy.co.uk.


Dr Emma Rae Rhead Hypnotherapy
Safe, Effective Specialist Hypnotherapy with a Qualified Medical Doctor
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine)
Hypnotherapy Chester, Hypnotherapy Wrexham, Hypnotherapy Cheshire, Hypnotherapy Wirral