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Overcome Addiction with Hypnotherapy

Has addiction taken over your life?  Have you reached desperation point struggling with an addiction or habit?

Are guilt and shame destroying your peace of mind and hurting your body, your life, relationships or career?

You don't need to suffer. If you are ready for change, hypnotherapy can offer a modern treatment approach that can bring phenomenal results in the right hands.  (Not all hypnotherapy is the same!)

With my background as an experienced qualified medical doctor and highly experience hypnotherapist, I use a unique combination of my cutting-edge rapid hypnosis method, coaching and mindfulness in the treatment of addictions.

Getting to the root cause(s) of addiction, not just treating the symptoms

In my experience, to treat addiction successfully it is important to understand why the addiction has become a problem in the first place (identify the root cause(s). Only when the underlying cause is found, understood and treated can true recovery from addiction occur in a robust way. Hypnosis allows us to access the subconscious mind to understand why a person is struggling with addiction and command the subconscious mind to find new positive appropriate responses. After all, its natural for your body and mind to be happy substance or habit free, you were born that way, and you haven't forgotten how to do that! Hypnosis helps you remember. My approach aims to resolve addiction rather than having you relying on ‘white knuckle’ sobriety or ‘will power’ alone to stay clean.

I specialise in helping clients all forms of addiction with hypnotherapy; alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, gambling, food, sugar addiction, workaholism, shopping, gaming, internet, sex, porn, hoarding etc.


Bespoke, Tailored, Confidential Approach

Every person is unique, so I offer you a bespoke approach that is tailored specifically to your needs to achieve your optimum results. Appointments are available at my practice in Chester, Cheshire or via online sessions in the privacy and comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world. Either way, the process and results work just the same.

I absolutely believe that recovery is possible and that it is perfectly possible to move beyond addiction to live a happy, joyful, fulfilling life!

Beyond addiction treatment with hypnosis, I also offer coaching to help you build great health, happiness and freedom – to thrive in your life and fulfil your purpose.

During this coaching process, I can teach you self-hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation practices to provide you with a ‘toolbox’ of powerful practices you can use as a part of your ongoing recovery process.

Some people can reduce use quite successfully (e.g. cut down on wine) whilst others will only benefit from abstinence-based recovery. The right solution soon becomes clear.

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Addiction Hypnotherapy and Coaching with a Qualified Medical Doctor
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