What are the benefits of working online?

Here are some of the many benefits of working together online:

1. You can work with me from the comfort of your own home or space, so you can get as comfy as you like.

2. It saves valuable time. No time wasted traveling to, or from, my office.

3. You can work with me from literally anywhere in the world!

4. There is no stress and worry about arriving late, directions, parking, trains, taxis or expensive overnight stays.

5. You can relax, or even take a nap, after the session, not rushing away or driving. This allows you to deeply integrate the positive shifts and energetic upgrades into your nervous system, thus allowing the rewiring of new positive neural pathways formed in session to begin to develop.

6. Results with online hypnotherapy and coaching are just the same, if not better, than in person.

7. Its environmentally friendly. No petrol miles, keeping cars off the road.

8.  No risk of transmission of Coronavirus, or even having to consider precautions around that, which you may agree is hardly relaxing, in any context.