5 Things Hypnosis is NOT. Part 2 - Mind Control

  • Posted on: 18 October 2015
  • By: Dr Emma
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There is a false, but common, myth about hypnosis within society that can get in the way of people seeking help with hypnotherapy: the idea that when I am working with a client under hypnosis, somehow I have control over their mind.

This is simply not the case. If I work with you in hypnosis, YOU have all the control, not me.

Hypnosis is not about me taking control of your mind, but of me helping and empowering YOU to gain control over your own mind.

We all have so much positive potential and power within our own minds, both conscious and unconscious, but generally speaking, some or much of this power is left untapped or, at worst, works against us in a negative way.

The nature of the mind is to be untamed for most of us, leading to a mind that is busy, restless, agitated or filled with fearful and anxious thoughts.

By practicing brain taming practices, such as hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, yoga we can train our brains to be much calmer, more secure and less fearful.

Hypnosis is a natural brain state in which our mind is most open to letting go of negative habits of thinking that don’t help or serve us, such as worry, and learning rapidly more positive ways of being, such as calmness , relaxation and security.

Practices, such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga, all too are excellent ways of taming the untamed mind, and I can help you with these also; they are superb practice that I often encourage my clients in therapy to incorporate into their lives to support themselves and our therapeutic journey. They are however daily practices, ideally. Hypnosis is a more strategic and intensive way of making progress with the more stuck parts of our positive change work more rapidly than these practices alone will allow, in my opinion.

When I am working with you in hypnosis, you have all the control over your mind, not me, I just know how to help and assist you to tame the parts of your mind that even you don’t currently have control over , or that other practices cannot reach.  If you like, hypnosis is about me helping you to gain MORE CONTROL over your own mind.

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