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  • Posted on: 15 September 2017
  • By: Dr Emma
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'How might we fix it? An exploration into how hypnoanalysis can aid treatment options'

On Monday I shall be in London at the Royal Socety of Medicine Hypnosis Section Council AGM and then afterwards at this excellent workshop presented by Dr Mike Gow.

Dr Mike Gow will be providing a half day master class to introduce and detail COMPISS (conflict, organ language, motivation, past experience, identification, self punishment and suggestion) and provide case examples of this effective and rapid hypnoanalysis technique.

“Having studied hypnosis for nearly 20 years, learning and adapting the hypnoanalysis technique 'COMPISS' to my work is almost certainly one of the most useful things that I ever did! It often allows a rapid identification of underlying issues that may otherwise have been missed, overlooked or never discovered. This accuracy means that I have found my hypnotic interventions have become faster and more effective. I often compare working without it to filling a tooth without a diagnostic x-ray! You can certainly get to work without it, but you are less prepared to deal with any underlying issues that you had not expected, and indeed there may be things you miss entirely in your treatment that could lead to failure of your intervention. The greatest advantage to learning the hypnoanalysis technique of 'COMPISS' is that it allows for more targeted, accurate and ultimately effective treatment”.

- Dr Mike Gow, Dentist, The Berkeley Clinic Glasgow and Past President, The British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis Scotland

There is still tiem to register and attend this half-day event. You can find the information and link to register here


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