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  • Posted on: 11 September 2017
  • By: Dr Emma
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Due to very high demand for my services, I have streamlined the contact system for new enquirers.

Essentially from today I am suggesting that potential new clients email me, rather than telephone my office in the first instance.

This system change is to ensure you get the help that you need from me more rapidly than telephone calls back and forth can allow.

High demand for my services means that its not unusual for me to receive 10 or more enquiry calls each day, and this means its simply impossible for me personally to return back every enquiry call on the same day, given that I am often in session most of the day with clients.

Practically, this means if you wish to make an enquiry about services, want to ask me a question or wish to book an appointment with me (Dr Rhead) for the first time, please email me, Dr Rhead, personally to discuss matters, in the first instance. Only I look at email so your confidence is assured.

Following initial discussion via email, if you wish to work with me, and it is clear to me that I am the best person to help you, then we can go on to schedule your FREE TELEPHONE CALL with me, if needed, to explore matters further, or book an appointment, as you wish.

When you email me, please do let me know a little of your current difficulties, your location and whether you have any preferences/needs regarding appointments eg evenings. I will explain to you how I, or one of my excellent associate colleagues, can best help you with our approach to hypnotherapy and what would be involved, including fees etc.

I am very happy to answer any questions or queries you my have. As always my aim is to ensure that you access the best possible hypnotherapy services available.

If you have any questions, comments or queries about the new system, please don't hesitate to contact me by email on

As always, my honour to be of service.

Dr Emma Rae Rhead
Medical Hypnotherapist
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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