How to Change Negative Self-Talk with Hypnosis.

  • Posted on: 30 June 2016
  • By: Dr Emma
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It may, or may not, surprise you to know that we all use hypnosis on ourselves all the time!

Most of it is the kind of 'self talk' that's highly negative and self-critical. The inner voice you may recognise constantly telling you

  • "I'm no good at that"
  • "I'm not a nice person"
  • "I can't change"
  • "I don't deserve better"
  • "I'll never success"

...and so much more...

Hypnosis, also called the 'Trance' state, is a process of intense focus and learning in which

" we change our minds in significant ways"

             Laurence Sugarman (Former president of the American Board of Medical Hypnosis) New Scientist Vol 3064 March 2016

Essentially, left to our own devices, we often use the power of our own brain plasticity in everday life to re-inforce our own ruts by intensely learning more of what what we don't want!

Working with me, I can help you change your existing negative self-hypnosis self-talk, understand what trance looks and feels like for you, gain mastery over this incredible resource and use it to unlock your best potential.

YOU are the person who has the power to make changes in your life, if you first learn how to gain mastery. I am here to help you 'learn to steer the ship and be your own Captain'.

In the words again of Laurence Sugarman ,Director of the Center for Applied Psychophysiology and Self-Regulation at Rocester Institute of Technology in New York, "You are the man behind the curtain" (New Scientist 12th March 2016).

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