How To Cut Down on Your Home Drinking Part 2

  • Posted on: 26 February 2017
  • By: Dr Emma
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If you regularly drink at home and would like to cut back on your home drinking, here is part 2 of yesterdays blog detailing 10 ways in total you can regain control over your drinking at home starting today. Part one is here



Before you have any alcohol, and whenever you have an alcoholic drink on the go, have water or a long soft drink alongside you also and allternate between the two. Put each glass down between sips. Really go to town and put some thought into what you enjoy as a spacer drink so that it becomes something to enjoy not just endure. Buy sparkling waters or quality cordials and don’t skimp. Garnish with ice, fresh mint, lemon, ever parasols if you are so inclined. Make it special.



Not everyone is happy with this one! It depends on your drink of choice and it depends on you. If you can dilute what you choose to drink and that thought isn’t too abhorrent to you, not only will diluting it slow the alcohol build up in your blood stream, but you may find you have had enough sooner.

If it doesn’t work for you as a concept to dilute it, thats okay  You are unique and you path to alcohol control with be unique to you, there is no one size fits all solution. I would much rather you savour a small slass of something you actually enjoy mindfully, than drink lots of watered down booze mindlessly

I will say though if you have any other than a very minor negative drinking issue, spirits are very difficult to manage and especially neat. If you can dilute spirits, its much easier to pace yourself and stick to your goal



When you choose to drink, avoid your usual drinking chair or position, and find a different setting. A different chair will weaken the old regular habit and make it easier to stick to your intentions.

Try to ensure that drinking doesn't become something that happens in several rooms of the house, for example don't drink in the bath or in the bedroom. Regular drinking in rooms makes thats a norm and builds an association. Keeping alcohol free rooms makes it easier to have rooms where you are not triggered at all to think of a drink.

Think about spending time with an activity in a room where drinking doesnt happen and you will discover time can pass more easily without a drink.


Buy yourself a brand new glass especially for your new mindful drinking practice. You can go to any charity shop and choose all manner of wonderful shapes, but make it a small glass, ideally 125 ml or less. The smaller the glass, the less you can fill it and the easier it is to sip mindfully and stick to your goal. Research shows the bigger the glass the greater you will consume.

If you normally hold your drink with your right hand, hold it in your left.

Place your glass down between every sip. Again, it helps break the old mindless drinking habit of drinking without really noticing what is passing your lips.


If you have chosen to have a drink (up to your max) give yourself full permission to savour each and every mouth full. Sip slowly, about 4 times slower than you normally would drink. Focus on every aroma, taste sensation is if you are not going to let any molecule of that drink past your lips without you noticing it!

Make a pact with yourself never to let a drop of drink past your lips unless you notice it with full awareness.

If you can implement even some of these mindful drinking changes, you will make significant improvements to regain control.

Remember, unless you have a physical dependence on alcohol*, then you are choosing to drink and allowing yourself to 'go blind' to the negative consequences in the moment; Stay aware. You can take control of your choices, so that you can really enjoy feeling great, relax and happy with alcohol fully under your control.

After all, alcohol, like Worcester sauce, was only ever meant to be a condiment to life, not the main course, or even a side dish.

If you have concerns about your drinking and would like help and support to regain control, contact me to discuss your particular needs in confidence on 01244 470181 or email me at

*If you have a heavy or regular daily drinking problem, it can be dangerous to suddenly stop drinking or make major cut backs to you drinking without medical supervision. If you have are unsure seek medical advice before making any changes to your alcohol intake

** The above content is information only. It is not intended to be or to replace medical advice.


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