Hypnosis: A Natural Resource for Healing

  • Posted on: 1 August 2016
  • By: Dr Emma
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Hypnosis (also known as Trance) is an entirely natural brain state in which our thinking, analytical mind is more out of the way and we are more connected with our deeper inner wisdom.  It’s a very creative resourceful state of mind, where new solutions, positive change and new learning can occur more easily than in our day to day busy mind-set will often allow.

Hypnosis is not the same as sleep; it’s actually a very active state of inner focus and absorption. Clients are not 'put under' by the therapist, nor are they out of control or directed by the will of another person. Trance, in fact, is a natural state experienced by everyone.

Our most familiar experience of trance takes place when we are daydreaming, but other trance states occur when we become absorbed in the moment in any way that holds our focus.

Some examples of trance in everyday life include:

  • when we meditate
  • when we get lost in jogging, dance, music, gardening, yoga, tai chi, a walk in the woods, cycling, fishing, whatever is ‘our escape’....
  • when we are working creatively on projects such as poetry, writing, art, design work, craft, painting, trance is present.
  • when we are absorbed in a good film, book or story, trance is there
  • when we are in nature’s presence, in wonder at the beauty, or deep in erotic love, trance is present.

In the trance state, a person is aware of the vividness of their inner world, and external stimuli, such as sounds, movements, even time and other people, are less important.

In trance, people often intuitively understand the meaning of unconscious struggles, imagery, symbols and dreams; we are closer to our unconscious learnings, our True Self.

In helping a client enter trance formally in my office, I capture a person's attention and direct it inwards, leading them into an inner search for inner wisdom, healing and solutions. By using hypnosis as a tool for help make change in therapy, I am simply using the brain's best change making state to aid you in your desired goals.

Each one of us can only ever access the 'tip of the iceberg' of what we are capable of and the vast extent of our healing resources. It is my belief and experience that we are given every resource we will ever need to tackle everything we will ever have to handle in our lives. Yet.... life knocks us hard, we 'forget' that our resources are there and how to access and use them. Out in the busyness of life, there are many distractions to healing and resolving emotional issues, but in the safety of the therapeutic relationship, I work with people using trance to put them in touch with their own internal resources and do the inner work needed for healing. It is my belief that often the very best change happens most easily in ways we don’t need to know with our conscious thinking mind.

However hard life has been, your precious inner resources are still there, nothing’s lost or broken so much it can’t be healed; there is always a way home from where ever we are.  

We are born into an imperfect world with all its flaws, injustices and ignorance and it can lead us to doubt sometimes the inner treasures we have at our disposal, but together I can help you remember. Together we can negotiate a 'home-coming'

It is always my honour and my privilege


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