Hypnotherapy Liverpool Rodney Street With a Medical Doctor Hypnotherapist

  • Posted on: 8 April 2017
  • By: Dr Emma
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Hypnotherapy Liverpool Hypnosis Rodney Street

It's an exciting change to the practice to be offering Liverpool hypnotherapy services from the magnificent historical area of Liverpool that is Rodney Street.

Back in my old days as a Medical Student in Liverpool for 7 years training, I would admire the Consulting Room buildings and the brass plates in awe, and could never imagined that my medical career would have the twists and turns that it has to bring me into specialist Medical Hypnosis practice. I would never have expected as a young naive medical student, my future frustration at lack of holistic mind body approach, or the over prescribing or the sheer amount of protocol within the conventional medical system. As a highly creative person, with hindsight, its easy to see how I would find myself eventually as an Outlier within the medical profession which I still admire immensely. Conventional medicine does best what it does best, and there is no alternative to that when it is needed. BUT it can't do and fails to do what I do best, which is help people find empowering natural ways to heal themselves safely without medications or side effects, either as an alternative or alongside their conventional care.

Having been away from Liverpool for 25 years living in Cheshire but working throughout the North West in that time in Bolton, Blackburn, Stoke-on-Trent, Warrington, Chester, it feels like coming home to be back in such a wonderful city of history, culture and the friendliest people.

My Consulting Rooms are in the premium medical residence that is 88 Rodney Street, right at the Anglican Cathedral end of Rodney Street. I will be in Rodney Street every Wednesday and appointments will be available 11am - 7pm.

For more information about appointments with me in Rodney Street Liverpool, please call me on 0151 3293350 or email me to discuss how I can help you with my expertise.