My Vision for Clinical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine in the UK

  • Posted on: 23 April 2017
  • By: Dr Emma
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Having recently been very kindly invited to put forward an application for a honourable role in the UK Hypnotherapy  community which will be considered in a few weeks time (I will reveal all then), I have been clarifying some of my hopes and dreams for my profession. I thought I would share some key points with you here.


For the sake of the huge numbers of people struggling with psychosomatic health issues that are very poorly understood and handled by conventional medicine, my vision for clinical hypnosis and hypno-psychotherapy in the UK is:

  • To see the substantial benefits of clinical hypnosis and hypno-psychotherapy more widely and accurately understood by the medical / professions and the public alike.
  • For clinical hypnosis and hypno-psychotherapeutic services to be integrated into NHS and allied services, where appropriate, by specialist practitioners whilst fully maintaining their integrity, flexibility and adaptability to client needs.
  • To see Clinical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine more widely appreciated as a legitimate specialist clinical profession within conventional medicine, rather than perceived as something that 'radical creative outliers' such as myself may embark up.
  • To see greater understanding of psychosomatic illness within the medical professions, such that people with psychosomatic conditions and medically unexplained symptoms can be referred for the effective therapeutic treatment that they deserve.
  • Whilst valuing the importance of evidence based practice for what it is, to see increased recognition of its limitations in this therapeutic field, and increasing acknowledgement that the best therapy is the one uniquely crafted to the individual client to bring their success.
  • To see the public profile of the professional bodies that provide high quality hypno-psychotherapeutic care by trained health care professionals raised, such that it is much easier for those seeking clinical hypnosis to access safe, high quality care.
  • Continued and increased recognition of the value of private clinical hypnosis services; these services will likely always be able to offer greater flexibility, adaptability to client needs than any future NHS clinical hypnosis services will allow.

    If you have any thoughts questions or comments, as alway, please don't hesitate to contact me. Your views are always important to me.

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