Open-Heartedness; The 3rd Principle of a Meditation Practice

  • Posted on: 30 June 2018
  • By: Dr Emma
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In previous blog posts, I have been discussing the 3 principles upon which we build a meditation practice.

The first principle is that of habituation i.e. building a regular daily meditation practice upon which positive changes can be developed with practice. The second principle is that of wisdom i.e. the wisdom that we develop of the mind and our own self by regular practice of meditation.

Today I am discussing the 3rd principle upon which a meditation practice is built, that is Open – heartedness.

What do we mean by open-heartedness? Open-heartedness can be encompassed by the qualities of love, generosity, compassion.

As we develop our meditation practice, we aim to develop these qualities of love, generosity and compassion not just towards ourselves (i.e. self-love, generosity to ourselves and self-compassion) but also develop these qualities of heart towards others.

Why does this matter? Is it a moral issue alone? and how does open-heartedness impact upon our meditation practice and our own mind? If we have a mind open to helping others which is of a generous and loving nature, it implies a more self-less than selfish approach to life. A more self-less spirit is much less likely to be distracted by strong emotional thought patterns, emotional attachments, aversions (dislikes) and desires (likes). As we slowly but surely rid ourselves of such selfish and destructive thought patterns by regular meditation practice, it is much easier to be calm and peaceful in the moment. As its easier to be calm and peaceful in the moment, this peacefulness of mind means we are experience a much more contented inner experience. People who are inwardly peaceful do much less harm to others and much less harm to themselves.

In our meditation practice, we can choose meditations that specifically aim to develop certain qualitied of compassion to self and then to others.  Meditation is never a selfish act; its an act of doing our own inner work and taking our own responsibility for making the world a more peaceful place.

Imagine how peaceful the world could be if everyone meditated?

Imagine how peaceful your own home and life could be if you meditated?

If you would like to know how to begin meditating, please do get in touch to discuss how I can best help you.


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