Practice Changes Coming Spring 2019

  • Posted on: 7 April 2019
  • By: Dr Emma
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Chester Hypnotherapy

"It's Sunday, its a day of rest" my partner smiles as I write this quick post. He's right of course and I usually make a point of never doing any work on a Sunday. I'm making a quick exception today.

Those of you who know my practice, clients or enquirers, will know my practice has been under huge demand for a long time. Waiting times for appointments with me have been ridiculous at several months for well over 2 and a half years now. I have spent the last 6 months working solely to bring down existing wait times and its been deeply frustrating as Ive had to turn away so many kind people every week who enquire about services. This has included NHS referral and referrals from dentists and consultants. I simply wasn't able to bring them into the practice. There is only one of me.

My practice has always been somewhat unusual, I think, not only as a hypnotherapist who is a qualified doctor, but also in that clients who come to work with me in therapy tend to stay on as clients in a ongoing coaching capacity as they continue to integrate the changes they have made into their life. I love to work this way, as it truly is a privilege to see clients grow over time, overcome challenges, develop resilience and regain confidence, inner peace and joy!

Finally waiting times for new client places are coming to an end and I'm really keen that wait times like that never occur again in my practice, if at all possible.

This is going to require some changes to the way my practice operates. These will be introduced over the coming weeks as I take time now to restructure the practice so that clients who really want to work with me can access the services they need.

Although I ran a specialised practice anyway, increasing only working on certain issues, I will be specialising even more. More on my specialisation will be coming soon. I'm really looking forward to this. Having run a very busy clients for many years now, I know really well, what areas of work I can really help clients get results! Not surprisingly these are the areas of work I am passionate about and enjoy the most! It will be wonderful to be able to provide expert highly specialised services.

One thing that we shall all be glad to see soon is the removal of the awful front page image of me on this website! Pretty much anyone who knows me, including me, says that doesn't look like me. Its served its purpose for a while. Finally too, I hope to be able to spend some serious time providing quality blog posts that are useful and informative and useful interesting copy on this site (A new second site is coming in 2019). Ive spent so much time in session over the past few years, these things have gone my the wayside and Im sad about that.

So its exciting times ahead. Something to do with being 50 back in September last year has spurred on desire for new directions and adventures. My practice remains closed to new clients at this time while I strategise the new business model, although you can sign up to stay connected with my practice and receive updates on future services here

Meanwhile, its a beautiful April Sunday. My Cherry trees are all in full vibrant blossom, as if I can imagine I'm in japan. Tiny birdies are discovering sipping from my new pond. I had to top it up a bit yesterday as a teeny blue tit couldn't reach the water without toppling, which was so cute. I hope like me and mine, you can get outside and enjoy the healing beauty of nature. There is not much nature won't make even a little better if you can get out there and let it do it's work.

Until next time

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