Work with Dr Emma

I offer a comprehensive, non-drug, holistic approach that integrates hypnotherapy, integrative psychotherapy and mind-body medicine with my medical expertise to get to the root cause(s) of your difficulty and re-wire your body-mind system for lasting positive change.

My therapy process integrates 28 years of my expertise of what works, and doesn't work, to help humans release stress and heal and uses evidence-based techniques that are powerful to bring you genuine lasting results safely and effectively.

Rather than simply medicating symptoms, or offering a 'sticking plaster' approach to your problem, we work together to uncover and understand the real underlying deep cause(s) of your problems, and then we correct them. We rewire old patterns to help you achieve your healing, success and freedom.

As a client of mine, you will have access to my medical expertise and knowledge in understanding your body-mind system in both health and disease. My approach is truly holistic addressing all aspects of self - mind, body, emotions, spirit, lifestyle, social - to get you results - be it calm, peace, health, healing or happiness.

Some of the benefits of my approach include:

  • Proven, powerful, effective and lasting results
  • Safe, natural process
  • Medical doctor trained. Experienced NHS medical doctor
  • Uncover the deep root cause(s) of your problems, rather than just treating the symptoms alone
  • Genuine, lasting, positive change - not just a 'quick fix'
  • Rapid transformation compared with other therapies
  • Wide reaching benefits affecting many areas of life
  • Truly holistic - addressing your symptoms on all levels of being mind, body, emotion, energy and spirit
  • Trauma-informed compassion based approach

For all questions and enquiries regarding working with me, please contact me here 



Dr Emma Rae Rhead 
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