Are you looking for a therapy approach that aims to understand the root cause(s) of your difficulties  and resolve them quickly?

Do you want the peace of mind of working with a therapist who is also a qualified medical doctor?

Are you ready to tackle the underlying problem that have caused your issue, not just manage the surface symptoms, so that you can achieve lasting positive change?

Then my approach may be right for you.....


Who am I ?

My name is Dr Emma. I am a advanced accredited psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and health coach. Prior to working as a therapist in private practice, I was a NHS medical doctor for over a decade. I became so frustrated that medicine was not offering the cutting edge therapeutic approaches that science was showing worked to help people, that I finally left the NHS in 2005 to offer these transformational services full-time in my busy private practice. I run an established therapy practice ever since which regularly receives referral from NHS services as well as private clients. 


What Factors Define My Approach?

Integrative Approach

In our sessions, I use a range of advanced therapeutic approaches, depending on your needs and particular circumstances.


Bespoke Therapy Tailored Specifically To Your Needs

I do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach to therapy. For me, successful therapy is that which is highly presonalised and tailored to the particular needs of my client in each session. You might imagine that all therapy is like this, but unfortunately you would be mistaken. Many therapy approaches are protocol driven and follow the same format for every person.


Understanding and Resolving the Root Cause(s) of Your Difficulties

I don't believe it is possible to resolve a issue or complaint without understanding it first. Many issues arise as a result of false beliefs we may have taken on board, sometimes early in life. Once we understand what has been holding you back or casuing a 'glitch', we work to re-wire the mind with new positive empowering beliefs. Every thought we think has a tangible real effect on the body. I show you how you can tap into the incredible healing powers that naturally exist within you, by learning how to use the incredible power of your mind.


Using the Phenomenal Resources and Skills You Already Possess

I help you become aware of your innate skills, inner wisdom and 'forgotten' resources and to develop these skills to use in your own unique solutions. You have a brilliant mind. I help you fully use it.


Respecting Your Inner Wisdom

Your body and mind contain phenomenal wisdom and incredible abilities to heal themselves! You really do have your own 'Inner Physican' just waiting to help you.  Rather than just talking over issues and problems, which tends to make them more concrete in a person's being, my approach helps you to unleash the intuitive healing that exists inside of you to help you achieve relief from your difficulties and issues as rapidly is as possible for you.


Non-Judgement and Compassion.

All my work with you is based on non-judgement and compassion.


If you are ready for positive change, please contact me here in the first instance. 



Dr Emma Rae Rhead
Psychotherapy Chester, Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Qualified UK Medical Doctor
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
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