Health Coaching

What is Holistic Health Coaching?

Holistic Health Coaching (sometimes called 'Lifestyle Medicine') is a personalised process that helps you to make healthy, sustainable behaviour change by health education and by challenging you to listen to your inner wisdom, helping you to identify your values, and transform your goals into sustainable action.

During the health coaching process, we spend the time to help you identify your personal health and wellness issues that can be improved, how they interact and then holistically help you to develop strategies to overcome them and take action.

Together we look at all areas of your life including:

  • exercise
  • energy levels
  • rest and relaxation
  • proper breathing
  • getting good sleep
  • managing stress
  • energy levels
  • managing the mind
  • positive thinking
  • diet and nutrition
  • self-care strategies
  • importance of spirituality
  • social connectedness

Strategically, we help you take action in these key areas to increase your health and general wellbeing.

Whether your goal is to reduce stress, improve sleep, lose weight, reduce harmful behaviours (such as smoking, alcohol) or lower the risk of chronic disease, health coaching can help you acheive and maintain your long-term health goals..

I offer a unique personalised, science-based approach, combining my medical, therapeutic and complementary health care expertise to bring you a truly holistic health care service. This bespoke service that aims to empower you to achieve health, harmony, peace and balance in your life in a lasting way.has helped many thousands of people from all walks of life live happier and healthier lives.

All my work with you is based on a sound medical knowledge of health and disease as a medical doctor. Coaching interventions draw from holistic health care models from both western and eastern schools of thought about health and wellness.

Coaching can be via a session by session approach, or via a monthly support packages, Coaching can be accessed via face-to-face appointments or online via Skype. Regular contact/support by email and telephone in between sessions is including within monthly support programmes.

For more information on how my services can help you, contact me (Dr Emma) directly by completing the contact form here, to discuss your particular needs.

Dr Emma Rae Rhead Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapist, Coach, Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher
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