Coaching for Women 

I help women radically improve their lives, health, vitality and confidence so that they can create happy, fulfilling lives that they love. 

If you’ve been craving more in life - more wealth, more self-confidence, more success, more love, more freedom, then taking the time to consider coaching is a must for you.

Coaching is a powerful, transformational journey that you can choose to take if you want to activate more of the phenomenal potential that exists inside of you! 

As your coach, I help you to become very clear as to what you truly want from your life, and together we create a manageable step-by-step ‘road map’ to get you there.  Our aim is to help you become the best version of you !

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone who gets to the source of your essential self and guides you to self improvement. Through reflection, exercises, sophisticated coaching tools and action plans, your coach will help you identify obstaclesthat stand between you and your best self and find ways to overcome them.


As a Coach, the work I do with you is Personalised and Bespoke. We start by identifying your goals and examples of these can include:

  • Improving Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Improving your Relationship with Alcohol
  • Weight Loss and Improving Body Confidence
  • Building Happiness 
  • Developing Self-Compassion and Self-Love
  • Overcoming FeelingStuck, Lost and Unfulfilled 
  • Improving Work/Life/Family Balance
  • Tackling Stress and Burnout
  • Thriving Through Menopause
  • Recovery from Divorce
  • Improving Relationships
  • Navigating Mid-Life Changes
  • Discovering your Life Purpose / Life Passion 
  • Recovery from Chronic Illness 
  • Managing Emotions - e.g Anxiety, Fears, Anger
  • Developing Creativity 
  • Learning to Say No /Assertiveness
  • Developing Spirituality
  • Living Mindfully in the Here and Now
  • Personal and Self- Development

Through coaching, you will:

  • Become crystal clear as to what you really want 
  • Set health and life goals and objectives that are based on your true values
  • Audit where you are right now and what needs to be done to acheive your aims 
  • Identify and deal with any potential obstacles that you meet on the path to your goals
  • Learn how to develop daily inspiration to stay on track
  • Figure out smarter ways to get things done
  • Create better habits
  • Take consistent focused action to reach your goals
  • Get break-though in areas where you feel stuck

Coaching helps you to become aware of the skills, values and strengths you already possess, so that you can apply them with focused action to make the changes you desire. Whether you need ‘rocket fuel’ or a ‘hand to hold’, I will challenge, motivate and guide you on your path to achieving your goals.


Benefits of Coaching

Every person is unique and their needs vary but some of the benefits you can expect from coaching with me include:

  • Better health and well being
  • Increased happiness
  • Improved quality of life
  • Contentment and inner peace
  • Less wasted time and energy
  • Increased energy levels
  • Greater work-life balance
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Overcome obstacles and 'stuckness'
  • Learn skills to navigate difficult times with ease
  • More time for the things you want to do
  • More clarity of your goals and needs
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Greater self-care skills
  • Finding it easier to say no and ditching the guilt about it
  • Increased assertiveness
  • Increased focus on what matters to you and what you need to get there


Coaching. What you need to know before you get started.

If you are considering coaching, but you’re not sure what to expect, this information will give you some insight on the coaching process, so you can make the most of our work together.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about getting from where you are now to where you want to be. It's a process that help you learn to trust the wise voice inside that is telling you that you can have, do and be so much more. By being honest with yourself about what's not working for you, together we can figure out what you really want and need. Coaching is also about taking action, because ' If nothing changes, nothing changes'. As your coach, I act as a facilitator. We begin with a life audit, so you can clearly see where you are now. I will encourage you to  identify what changes you'd like, and need, to make.  I help you to create positive, future-focused and inspiring goals, and then break them down into manageable steps. As your coach, I will hold you accountable and empower you to move from where you are to where you want to be. 

1. It is a conversational process

Coaching is one of the leading tools employed by successful, high-functioning people to lead extraordinary lives. It is a process that unfolds, via our relationship, conversations and the use of strategic sophisticated coaching tools, that enables you to work on your mind, body and emotions so you can live life to the full.

2. It is a Space and Time dedicated to YOU

So few people slow down and spend time looking closely at their lives, to examine whether things are really working, but ONLY by doing this, is it possible to improve things! After all, we can't change what we are not aware of! The coaching relationship is an equal relationship. It is a dynamic and flexible space, focused on you and your goals. I will allow you room to be you, yet offer strong boundaries, so you can focus, feel secure and accountable.

3. It’s about growth and development

The main goal of a coaching relationship is to allow genuine, positive change & growth within you. As a result of this transformation, we expect you to reach your goals and grow into your desired life. 

My Responsibility as a Coach includes:

  • To create a judgment-free space, where you can bring anything of yourself to the table in confidence.
  • To ask lots of questions that can result in new ways of thinking to open alternative approaches and fresh perspectives.
  • To help you focus better, so you can get results more quickly.
  • To ask you to do more than you have probably done on your own.
  • To support you in making the changes that you choose to take in your life.
  • To provide a relationship where you can discover more about yourself, your world and your choices.
  • To keep the sessions focused on the goals that you have set for yourself.


What is Your Responsibility as Client?

  • Take full ownership of your process. You are responsible for your own learning, development and actions.
  • To commit to the process, and implement the changes that coaching brings.
  • Remain open, honest and accountable to yourself and to me as your coach.
  • Be aware that adult learning is a process, it involves change, and will potentially lead you in directions you didn’t initially anticipate. Change can be difficult and sometimes a bit more uncomfortable than you’re used to. After all, if you had been able to make changes alone, you would have already done it!

How is Coaching Different from Therapy?

Coaching is NOT therapy, although its effects can be therapeutic in itself. Coaching focuses on helping you take the Conscious Actions required to reach your goals, whereas Therapy focuses on changing the Subconscious false beliefs that have been preventing you.

Most coaches are NOT trained therapists, but I am. My clients get the best of both worlds.

Coaching is about making the CHOICE to step up and take action - because you want your health and life to be BETTER. Clients who choose coaching do so because they recognise that LIFE IS SHORT and it is important to truly LIVE IT to the full! 

Coaching is for women who don't want to 'squander the gold' of their days living a life that doesn't suit them or serve them.

Coaching will ask you to take 100% responsibility for your life. In coaching sessions, I will not diagnosing you, treating you or 'therapising' you. I will not be 'fixing' you - you are not broken. 

Therapy tends to focus on the past and has the perspective of moving a person from ill-health to health.

Coaching predominately focused on the present and the future and tends to be more action-oriented. It is holistic in that it brings together emotions, physical, mental and relationship spheres. Where therapy and medical consults aims to help someone from illness to health, coaching can be an ongoing journey, in pursuit of the evolving fullness of health and wellbeing.

The coaching relationship is also more of a partnership than a therapy or patient-doctor relationship. The “answers” that you are looking for, are inside you and often come about through reflection, questioning, and your own inner knowledge. It is framed around your goals, interests and objectives, not that of the coach. 

Who Do I Work With?

I coach women who:

  • want to improve certain areas of their life or health
  • are stuck in bad habits and want to create healthier ones
  • understand that in order to achieve results, they must apply their full participation
  • are committed to gaining better self-understanding​​​ and self awareness
  • are willing to take 100% responsibility for their life in order to feel empowered
  • want to take charge of their life's direction​
  • are willing to dive in and enjoy learning about the wonder of themselves!


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