Conditions Dr Emma can help

Dr Emma specialises in helping individuals overcome  a range of issues using her comprehensive, holistic, non-drug approach that not only treats the presenting problems, but gets to the underlying root causes of the difficulties and obstacles to healing, and treats these, for lasting transformation.

You will find a list of the most common problems Dr Emma can help below. Please contact Emma here to discuss your particular needs in confidence. 

Digestive Problems

irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, bloating, unexplained abdominal pain, reflux, inflammatory bowel disease
Read more about the treatment of IBS here


Chronic Pain

headaches, migraine, joint pains, facial pain, back pain, pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, pain syndromes, TMJ, unexplained pain
Read more about the treatment of chronic pain here


Sleep Problems

insomnia, teeth grinding (bruxism), parasomnias, and sleep disorders
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Bladder Issues

irritable, overactive, ‘nervous’ or ‘shy’ bladder, nocturia

Skin Conditions

eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, blushing, sweating, warts


Anxiety and Depression

anxiety, worry, panic attacks, depression
health-related anxiety, illness phobia, needle phobia, blood phobia, fears of tests and procedures, dental fears
Read more about the treatment of anxiety here
Read more about the treatment of depression here


Stress and Psychological Trauma

stress, burnout, emotional trauma, post-traumatic stress, PTSD, adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect
Read more about the treatment of emotional trauma, post-traumatic stress and PTSD including childhood trauma here



Alcohol misuse - stopping drinking, reduction, living sober
Read more about hypnotherapy to stop drinking or control alcohol here

Neurological Problems

migraine, functional neurological disorder (FND), MS, nerve pain, spinal injury, weakness, dizziness, balance problems


Symptoms, or health problems, that your doctors cannot explain

This group of problems can present with a wide range of symptoms, affecting any organ or system of the body, but tests and investigations are normal.

In the UK, these health problems are often called by doctors ‘stress-related’, ‘anxiety-related’, 'psychosomatic', 'functional', or 'medically unexplained symptoms', so your doctors may have used these terms when talking to you.

In the US, these symptoms are often labeled ‘Psychophysiological Disorder (PPD), Mind-Body Syndrome, or Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS)- all different names for the same set of conditions.
Read more about the treatment of chronic health issues and medically unexplained symptoms here


To find out how Dr Emma's comprehensive, holistic, non-drug approach can help you, please contact Emma here to discuss your particular needs in confidence. 

You can find further general information about the treatment of common health conditions by visiting the links below.

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Psychological Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress, PTSD


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