Consultations and Fees

Private One-to-One Consultations with Dr Emma Rae Rhead


** Due to very high demand for my unique, specialist services,  I run a permanent waiting time for new clients. My practice is now fully booked for approx. 5 months ahead. With deep regret, as a result of waiting times, I am unable to accept any new enquiries at this time. If you wish to be notified when enquiries and my waiting list re-open to new clients, please email here**


For your confidentiality, best advice and the highest service to you, I (Dr Emma) handle all of your enquiries personally. You will not get someone else answering the telephone or replying to your email.

All initial enquiries via email and telephone are free, but as I am in session with clients much of the time, and there is very high demand for every client place with me, it is most helpful, where possible, to make your initial enquiry via email or my contact form here. You will receive a quicker reply from me.This initial brief email discussion allows me to quickly be sure that I am the best specialist to help you with your particular issues.

From then on, should you wish to consider working with me and I feel I genuinely can help you, we can schedule your free enquiry telephone consultation to explore further at a time mutually convenient should you wish.

Please note as a rare full time, medically-qualified specialist hypnotherapist in the UK, there is high demand for client appointments with me. I will only work with you if I genuinely feel I can help you and I am the best person to do so. It is my experience that the clients who choose to work with me to acheive their success generally want to work specifically with me for my unique skill set, medical experience and results. If you are looking for ‘any local hypnotherapist’, I’m unlikely to be the best therapist for you. I am able to refer you to a non-medical hypnotherapist who can help you locally.

New Clients to Dr Emma

Your First Appointment

If you are a new client to me, your first appointment is 2 hours long. This session includes initial consultation, clinical assessment, discussion of findings, treatment planning and first full hypnosis treatment. This session is not a 'taster' with hypnosis but powerful hypnotherapy treatment. If you become a client of mine, then I will invest in you my 100% commitment to help you acheive your success and a very thorough, experienced approach. I will expect the same level of commitment to your sucess from you in our work together.

Subsequent Follow Up Sessions

Follow up sessions, as needed, are 1 hour, sometimes a little more, depending on the flow of the session. Follow ups are generally at 1, 2 or 3 week intervals depending on the issues and circumstances.


Number of Sessions Needed.

The number of sessions needed for success is variable as each client is unique. I will be able to advise you as to a likely number during our exploratory assessment.

Generally, as a rough guide, many clients may work 2 to 4 sessions with me, depending on the issues, sometimes more for long standing, stubborn issues. Hypnosis is not magic, although results can seem at times magical.

The world is full of  therapists and 'experts' promising fast 'take home' change, but the reality is positive change that is genuine, safe and lasts is what really changes lives. This is the kind of positive change I specialise in helping you to acheive. Biological and disease processes within the mind and the body require some degree of time to integrate for real, lasting results.

Fees and Availability with Dr Rhead

Treatment cost varies depending on your presenting problems and your preferred appointment availability. These will be discuss early on in initial enquires as we discuss your particular needs. You will be very clear of the costs and all terms before booking your first appointment with me.



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