COVID-19 Information

Online Hypnotherapy and Anxiety Therapy

Firstly, I am thinking about you all during these difficult and uncertain times.

During the Corona virus pandemic, all therapists are prohibited from offering in person therapy. Please do not let you delay seeking assessment or starting therapy - there is simply no need to!

Although my Chester Hypnotherapy in-person practice has been suspended temporarily, my practice is operating entirely as normal, simply ONLINE via video conferencing. I have been offering ONLINE sessions since 2016, so these are tried and tested ways of achieving highly effective care and support.

During these highly stressful times, especially if you are suffering with anxiety, health anxiety, acute stress, IBS, pain, germ OCD, insomnia,  it is more important than ever to seek support early and be highly proactive with your emotional, physical and mental health.

A proactive approach now to tackling stress and anxiety-related health issues may well prevent months of debilitating anxiety, burnout, depression and post-traumatic stress (PTSD) in the future. The correct specialist professional help early in stressful times, empowers you to develop highly effective stress management strategies, build emotional strength, learn effective practices that prevent patterns of anxiety and stress building in the body and mind. This will both lessen the impact of stressful times now, but also prevent debilitating problems in the future (depression, anxiety, OCD, chronic illness, PTSD). The earlier any of these issues are tackled, the easier, quicker they are to treat.

I offer online video therapy via Zoom video software which is free and easy to use. All you need is an internet connection and a set of headphones to enjoy professional help in your own home.

Online Hypnotherapy is entirely safe and just as effective as if I was in the room with you. 

I offer a free, no-obligation Initial Consultation Call by telephone to discuss your needs and explain my approach/services ahead of any decision to proceed to therapy. We only proceed when you are sure my approach is right for you.

I have been working with clients online for many years providing online anxiety therapy and generally I find once clients try it, even if a little reticent at first, they absolutely love it and never look back! It's so much more convenient than travelling to a therapist's office for most of my highly anxious clients. 

You can receive professional anxiety treatment very safely in the comfort of your own home.

All you need is an internet connection, ideally a set of headphones and somewhere peaceful and quiet to either sit, recline or lie comfortably.

As a professional medically qualified Anxiety, Stress Specialist, if you are struggling with anxiety, stress, health anxiety/phobias or OCD, Coronavirus-related anxiety or stress, stress-related health problems, insomnia, please contact me here today for all enquiries, bookings and further information. 


Dr Emma Rae Rhead
Anxiety Specialist, Medical Hypnotherapist, Qualified Medical Doctor
Fellow of the Royal Socety of Medicine


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