Client Reviews

"Phenomenal journey with Emma, totally life changing..."

"She unpicks ‘the problems ‘with compassion and an incredible understanding of the situation.  With her outstanding knowledge, professionalism and wisdom, Emma has guided me through to taking a different perspective on life which has had permanent and long-lasting positive effects on both my mental state and physical symptoms (initially I experienced problems with stomach and colon. I no longer take any medication). My confidence is growing daily, as is my awareness of who I am, and what I want from life. I cannot thank Emma enough for being there for me and helping me through an incredibly difficult period in my life and enlightening me to the beauty of life and what it offers. Amazing lady with a heart of gold and a true treasure of help. I will be forever grateful"

"The Best Therapist you will find"  

"I had previously tried hypnotherapy and many other forms of talking therapies with little or no improvement in my general wellbeing. I became very disillusioned with the process and had little faith in finding someone who could offer me something different. I wanted a therapist who could provide me with the skills to manage my conditions. I came to see Emma and I can honestly say, it was the best thing I have done... Her sessions are full of knowledge and compassion and she brings her thorough medical experience and knowledge into each session. Her style and delivery is excellent and you feel empowered to make positive changes. I feel I could tackle things with confidence and I would not be in the position I am today without her. Emma is a kind, caring and non-judgemental therapist who I would strongly recommend to anyone in need of making positive and long lasting changes to your life. She takes the time to understand your situation and will tailor each session to provide the most benefit to your issues. I feel lucky to have been on this journey with Emma and feel confident in the knowledge that should I ever go through a particularly difficult period in life I can turn to Emma for help and support. I strongly believe it is the therapist and not the therapy and I also strongly believe that Emma is about the best therapist you will be able to find". 


"A hugely talented professional and I would imagine a rare if not unique practitioner. The results of treatment have massively exceeded my expectation" 

"When I came to Emma for help I had already tried various counsellors, over many years with limited success. I had a wonderful husband, lovely children, a challenging but good job and a comfortable home. I should have been very happy but instead I had really been struggling for a very long time. I was working against myself with harsh self-criticism, self-doubt and the resultant unhelpful behaviours of working too many hours and drinking too much. 
Emma has helped me learn to be kind to myself and I've found that life can be a very pleasant experience when the internal negative mood music is turned down and I just let myself be. 
Emma, in my opinion is a hugely talented professional and I would imagine a rare if not unique practitioner. The results of her treatment have massively exceeded my expectations. I feel much more balanced, calm and resilient. I am now enjoying life, which is huge"

“I have undertaken a lot of different therapies in the past... nothing ever really seemed to help me as an individual. I tried everything! Emma saw me in a totally holistic way and tailored everything around me, using a whole host of tools that she possesses. She works with both the mind and body. She has transformed my life. This is no understatement. I go into the future calmer, happier, healthier and optimistic about life”.


"Life Changing Experience"

"Emma is an incredible therapist, her kindness and professionalism shine through. Having struggled drinking too much in the evenings for many years, coping with the stresses of a very demanding career, I had tried many things to help including counselling, alcohol services, hypnotherapy and nothing had really helped. As soon as I first spoke with Emma, I felt confident she could help. After my first session, I found I cut in half my daily wine intake from a bottle every night with no trouble at all, and by the second session, I was having several days a week without alcohol. Each session I learnt something new. It's over 2 years now and I have remained fully in control with alcohol drinking safe levels and can enjoy a social drink if I want, something I thought would never have been possible. I can't thank you enough Emma. Don't hesitate to choose to work with Dr Emma, it will be your best decision." 

"I used Emma’s services several years ago to help with a really debilitating panic disorder, manifesting in health anxiety. I had become disillusioned with the prospect of ‘getting better’ and tried Emma’s services as a final stab in the dark. I had previously tried talking therapies and found little or no improvement. I can honestly say seeing Emma was the best thing I have done in years. I felt better after 1 session and the following sessions improved me further. It changed me from being someone who literally petrified on a daily basis of the next panic attack, to someone who now looks forward to life without shackles of worry. Thank you for the support and even to this day I am still grateful for your help each morning I wake up, ready to tackle the day ahead. Thank you for giving me the strength to live my life." B.L  Health Anxiety

"Inspiring and Empowering"  

"Working with Emma has been a truly inspiring and empowering life experience for me...Her obvious experience and expertise together with a thoroughly genuine, kind and thoughtful nature means I would absolutely recommend her without hesitation. Today, I not only 'feel' empowered but genuinely 'am' through the inner belief she has helped instill within me".   M.S


"I cannot rate Dr Rhead higher in my professional esteem"

She is a compassionate, professional practitioner who brings her medical and therapeutic knowledge and experience into an amazing concert of warmth, empathy and congruence. 
In my opinion, she is without doubt, one of the most truly gifted practitioners in the UK."  S.B


"A kind, holistic, intelligent practitioner with so much to offer " 

"I was very daunted about my first appointment with Emma...however, her gentle manner and genuine interest put me at ease very quickly and I found her extremely easy to talk to...She is extremely kind, compassionate and empathetic. She listens closely and takes time to discuss and explain things clearly and articulately. When I sought Emma's help I was feeling frustrated by medical professionals trying to shoehorn me into an ill-fitting box or down a particular treatment pathway - in contrast, Emma thinks very holistically and treats the individual as a whole person, bringing her many years of experience (both in traditional medicine and many other techniques) to our sessions. Importantly, I found her to be open, down-to-earth and straightforward in expressing her views and I believe she works with the utmost honesty and integrity. My recovery is still ongoing, but I am in a much better place thanks to her support".

"Life saver!!! "

"A true life saver!!!... Dr Emma was my last hope! ...Dr Emma has been fantastic!!! I was put at ease when we first met, she is a true professional and a true life saver!! After my first appointment I could see light at the end of the tunnel. There are no words for me to best describe the help, support and guidance I have received from her. I hold this wonderful lady with such high regard and have the upmost respect for her. My days are now filled with smiles, I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me. Truly remarkable".  

"A Fantastic Therapist"  

"When I decided that I needed the help of a therapist, I didn’t really know where to look or what to look for. After finding Dr Emma Rae Rhead’s website, I decided to get in touch. Emma’s professional but reassuring responses to my initial messages put me at ease and, after meeting her, I realised that I would be able to trust her to help me unravel my problems. Emma is a genuine, honest and gifted therapist who offers a very personalised service. I have found her extensive medical background to be of huge benefit to me. She has gently encouraged me along the way to see things from different perspectives as well as helping me to develop a set of skills to take forward with me after I leave therapy. I would recommend Emma to anyone- I have been truly blessed to work with her".  A.N 

"Emma has changed my life"  

"I am so pleased to have found Emma and her services... I can't thank her enough...I found her so easy to place my trust in as she is so open, genuine and honest. She is a very gifted and skilled individual. Over several sessions she looked into the underlining causes of my deep rooted anxiety and we together addressed many issues from my childhood that had clearly influenced my thoughts and emotions. Some of what we addressed was painful and stirred deep fears, sadness and pain but Emma guided me through discussion and hypnotherapy to face and accept the physical and emotional symptoms my anxieties had created. Emma has moved me forwards to a position of understanding and accepting my anxiety as 'normal' human responses. I still have work to do but I feel I now have the tools and self-compassion to do so. I would recommend Emma's services without question - she has made so much difference to my life and I am so grateful to her. Many of my friends, family and colleagues have questioned the positive difference they have seen in me over recent months and I explain to them that it is down to Emma, however, as she herself would say, you need to go with an open and receptive mind and work with her".

"The Best"  

"I would never have dreamt of me doing anything like this before, & to be honest, I knew very little about it (therapy). But...... I am so pleased that I found Dr Rhead & that I also found the courage to pick up the phone & make the initial contact. From the first moment of that call & then right throughout our journey together, Emma made me feel completely at ease - with no worries whatsoever - not only with support & encouragement but she also created the ambience at each session - without me realising - for me to be totally me. No matter how I felt on arrival - or whatever occurred during our times together, I always seemed to leave with a smile....... Emma is a lovely person. She is warm, gentle & she genuinely cares. I cannot recommend her more highly. Thank you so much Emma - for helping me to make changes in my life & in my outlook, to make my world a much better place. I just wish I had found you a long time ago." C.E 

"Emma helped me to see and understand the changes I need to make in my life. She gave me the tools to be able to do this, and I feel stronger and happier as a result. I felt very safe in her care and trust her implicitly. I will always be deeply indebted to her."
Anon NHS Professional - Manchester, UK 


"I feel invigorated and like my old self"

Dear Emma, My head is amazingly empty! I feel invigorated and like my old self and can’t thank you enough. I can move forward now with the tools you have given me and value myself without guilt.

Thank you for your professionalism alongside the empathy and care you showed me at this difficult time in my life.So its onwards on upwards for me and no looking back!   G.J.



"I Highly recommend Dr Emma Rae ... when i first came to Emma my IBS was really bad and unbearable, to the point that every day i could not go anywhere without taking medication and planning my trips and outings to the nearest toilet location. This was impacting on my mental health and making me feel trapped. After a couple of sessions with Emma i had completely stopped all medication and was starting to feel so much better. Now years on I cannot thank Emma enough for giving me back my independence and allowing me to enjoy my life as I should. I now control my IBS it does not control me".


"Helped me so much!"

"Emma is such a warm, welcoming person who instantly put me at ease. I have felt supported throughout the whole process... I feel lucky to have worked with Emma and we have made some great progress which I doubt would have happened if I’d have not had Emma."  A.M.

"Long may Dr Rhead continue in all the good work that she does for so many who are in need" 

"Dr Rhead was very professional and kind and genuine, and really put me at my ease straight away as I was apprehensive and nervous to begin with. She really helped me .The expert hypnotherapy I received was so helpful, It was an experience I will never forget, I am all the better for it".  A.S.

"Could not recommend highly enough"  

"Emma gave me the support and encouragement I needed to move my life forward where other interventions had failed. I Could not recommend her highly enough". 

"A thoroughly positive experience from start to finish"

"Dr Emma, was great for me. She is so positive and reassuring and during my hypnotherapy she made me feel at ease from the moment I met her. She has helped me enormously and I cannot thank her enough". E.S


Dr Emma Rae Rhead is an excellent, very experienced professional hypnotherapist”

“Dr Emma is an excellent and very experienced professional hypnotherapist. She is a lovely person, very understanding, intuitive, perceptive and compassionate. Makes you feel completely at ease from the first time you meet her. I would not hesitate to recommend”   G.H.

“Excellent results

“Was extremely pleased with the results”.   M.J.


"Highly Recommended"

"I decided to contact Emma after reading the impressive information on her website. It was simple to book an appointment and she really listened to the issues I spoke about. Emma's support has been gentle, yet proactive, fitting my need at the time. This has been central to helping me through a really difficult year. I can strongly recommend Emma as a trusted practitioner". A.N

"Trusted and highly recommended therapist"

"Emma is a very experienced and sympathetic therapist having coached me through some very difficult times. She has been a very important part of my recovery and I owe my good mental health to her". R.M

"Professional and friendly service"

"Dr Emma Rae Rhead's professional and friendly approach was greatly appreciated. I felt reassured by the fact that I was seeing a medically qualified doctor.. I would certainly recommend giving hypnotherapy a try". S.M

"I can't recommend her enough"

"Dr Emma has helped me immensely in such a short period of time. I had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy...I was really not expecting the great results that came from this. Dr Emma was patient, understanding and made me feel relaxed in a situation that I was definetely not used to. I can't reccomend her enough". H.J. 

"As a couple we have both been to see Emma... It's helped us greatly towards achieving our goals. We would highly recommend her to anyone considering her services"

"An Extremely Positive Experience"

"An extremely positive experience with an empathetic and very professional practitioner. Her warmth as a person and her good listening skills enhance the sessions. She is honest about possible results and the length of the course of treatment. I am still feeling benefits from the treatment I had and would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Emma" C.B.


“Exceptional Practitioner”

“Emma is an exceptional practitioner who is empathic and intuitive, offering a professional approach whilst making you feel at ease. Emma supports and empowers clients to find their best self”. E.J. 


“Highly rated service”

“I was instantly made to feel at ease when I first approached Dr. Emma Rae Rhead. The therapeutic support I received (in terms of Dr. Emma Rae Rhead's knowledge, intuitive connectedness and empathy) went 'above and beyond' any support service I had previously experienced. I am forever grateful to Dr. Emma for her tireless support, and compassion throughout the entirety of my therapy” E.S.

"Very reassuring"

"I am extremely happy with my experience with Dr Emma Rhead. She gave me lots of advice and made me feel less worried about my situation. I would most certainly recommend her to anyone".


"Excellent and Professional"

I cannot thank Dr Rhead enough for her excellent and professional services and her dedication to me as her client. She listened to me with such care. Her medical training and skills were invaluable to me in understanding my problem and treatment. She helped me to feel that there was much that I could do to help myself recover and feel confident about my body and my health again." I.R 


"Just the Best"

"Having suffered terribly for many years and tried many therapies and therapists, Dr Rhead is without doubt the best, a very special, gifted and a lovely, warm person. I felt very safe with her from the moment I spoke to her..and I felt confident she could help me. Her expertise really has been life changing for me...I can not recommend Dr Rhead enough. Thank you so much Emma for everything you have done for me!" R.J


*  These are genuine verifiable reviews and kind words from past clients who have given me permission to share their words here. These demonstate the positive changes that are possible by working with me. Results do however vary from person to person.

Dr Emma Rae Rhead 
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