Overcome Health Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Freedom with Health Anxiety Hypnosis

Are you feeling overwhelmed with worry about your own health or the health of family members?

Maybe fears and phobias related to your health are destroying your peace of mind?

Are these fears ruining your sleep, concentration, peace of mind or life?


As a Health Anxiety Hypnotherapy Specialist and Medical Doctor, I have successfully helped thousands of clients find freedom and peace of mind from their health fears. I understand how distressing fears, phobias and worries about health can be to the quality of your life. Left untreated they can have a devastating effect on all areas of life - career, relationships, social life and hobbies - as well as peace of mind.

I used Emma’s services several years ago to help with a really debilitating panic disorder, manifesting in health anxiety. I had become disillusioned with the prospect of ‘getting better’ and tried Emma’s services as a final stab in the dark. I had previously tried talking therapies and found little or no improvement. I can honestly say seeing Emma was the best thing I have done in years. I felt better after 1 session and the following sessions improved me further. It changed me from being someone who literally petrified on a daily basis of the next panic attack, to someone who now looks forward to life without shackles of worry. Thank you for the support and even to this day I am still grateful for your help each morning I wake up, ready to tackle the day ahead. Thank you for giving me the strength to live my life. L.B

Most of us worry about our health from time to time, but for some people, health worries become overwhelming and a problem in itself. Never has this been more prevalent that it is today. Health anxiety is excessive worrying about ones health, to the point where it causes great distress and affects the quality of everyday life. As a specialist in helping people with health anxiety, I offer a unique approach, combining hypnotherapy with other cutting edge techniques and my medical expertise that offers real freedom from this incredibly exhausting condition.

Some people with health anxiety have a medical condition which they worry about excessively. Others have medically unexplained symptoms, such as headaches or chest pain, which they are concerned may be a sign of a serious illness, despite the doctor's reassurance. Others may be permanently anxious about their future health, worrying about things like: "What if I get cancer or dementia?"

Sometimes, health anxiety can be a symptom of a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety disorder, which needs recognising and treating in its own right.

People with health anxiety can find themselves behaving in the following ways:

  • Constantly seeking information and reassurance – for example, obsessively researching illnesses from the internet, booking frequent GP appointments or seeking numerous second opinions.
  • Avoidant behaviour – avoiding medical TV programmes, GP appointments and anything else that might trigger the anxiety.

The Vicious Cycle of Health Anxiety

If you constantly check your body for signs of illness, such as a rash or bump, you will eventually find something. It often won't be anything serious – it could be a natural body change, or you could be misinterpreting signs of anxiety (such as increased heart rate and sweating) as signs of a serious condition. However, the discovery tends to cause great anxiety and make you self-check even more.

You may find yourself needing more reassurance from doctors, friends and family. The comfort you get from this reassurance may be short-lived, or you may stop believing it, which only means you need more of it to feel better.

When physical symptoms are triggered or made worse by worrying, it causes even more anxiety, which just worsens the symptoms. Excessive worrying can also lead to fatigue, depression or even panic attacks.


Have you got health anxiety? Answer these questions below

During the past six months:

  • Have you been preoccupied with having a serious illness because of body symptoms, which has lasted several months?
  • Have you felt the need to carry out repeated self-examination and self-diagnosis?
  • Have you experienced disbelief over a diagnosis from a doctor, or felt you are unconvinced by your doctor's reassurances that you are fine?
  • Do you constantly seek reassurance from doctors, family and friends that you are fine, even though you don't really believe what you are being told?
  • Have you felt distressed due to this preoccupation?
  • Have you found that this preoccupation impacts negatively on all areas of life, including family life, social life and work?

If you answered "yes" to most of the following questions, it's likely that you are affected by health anxiety.

If you are struggling with Health Anxiety, contact me in confidence to discuss how my Health Anxiety Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis services can help you.


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