What is Hypno-Psychotherapy?

Hypno-Psychotherapy is the clinical application of hypnosis to enhance psychotherapeutic interventions. Hypno-Psychotherapists are trained to deal with deeper psychological and mental health issues than a person trained as a Hypnotherapist alone can safely manage. I am trained to this level.

Psychotherapy is defined by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy as a process “to help clients gain insight into their difficulties or distress, establish a greater understanding of their motivation, and enable them to find more appropriate ways of coping or bring about changes in their thinking and behaviour. Psychotherapy involves exploring feelings, beliefs, thoughts and relevant events, sometimes from childhood and personal history, in a structured way.”

There are many different modalities and approaches to Psychotherapy, all of them have different beliefs, different ways of working, and different theories as to how people come to experience emotional difficulties. With Hypno-Psychotherapy, you have the best of all worlds as it integrates many threads into one approach.

Although there are differences in therapeutic approaches, each approach has its particular strengths, and weakness.  I integrate the best from different modalities to provide you with effective treatments for your unique difficulties. Using contemporary up-to-date theory as a basis, there are no standard protocols in my work, as I will always tailor my approach to be handcrafted to your needs; this bespoke approach has been shown to be the most effective means of addressing an individual’s issues.

How does Hypno-Psychotherapy work in practice?

You will begin to understand how your own mind works. You will gain insight. You will start to understand your strengths and you will begin to place any weaknesses in their rightful true perspective. You will begin to learn to harness your strengths and motivations.

You will learn how to solve your own problems and my role will be to help you see how you can do it. When you have done it you’ll find it easier to do it again, should any other issues arise in the future. I do my best to ensure that my clients are empowered and leave with resilience i.e capable of dealing with anything which life may throw at them.

I’ll help you in dealing with the underlying causes of issues, not just symptoms. Too often treatment approaches, clients  or even conventional medicine at times, focus primarily on the symptoms of dis-ease, for example, a drink problem, tinnitus or blushing, without looking deeper at the underlying issues that are causing the symptom. When these are resolved, the symptoms disappear.

You have so many great strengths, resources and good qualities inherent in you. You may not be aware of them right now but I will be and I will use hypnotherapy and other psychotherapeutic interventions to help you to tap into them for yourself.

For more information about how Hypno-Psychotherapy can help you, call me (Dr Rhead) on 01244 470181 or email me direct on emma@chesterhypnotherapy.co.uk.


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