Hypnosis for Psycho-Sexual Problems

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Overcome Psycho-Sexual Problems with Hypnotherapy

Sex is an important part of human life. When sex is functioning well and both partners are happy and fulfilled, the intimacy that develops between couples during sex can bring them closer and enhance their relationship. Sex can also cause problems in a relationship, creating distance, impacting on confidence and self-esteem.

There are many reasons why men and women experience sexual issues in their relationship and life.  For some people it may be lack of confidence, anxiety, previous difficult sexual experiences, fear of intimacy or stress in other areas of life such as problems at work. It may be the result of problems in the relationship. For others, it may a belief from childhood that sex is bad, shameful or wrong or previous sexual trauma.

Using my unique approach of integrated mind-body hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, I can provide you with a safe, relaxed, non-judgemental environment to openly talk about your issues and find lasting resolution to your sexual problems as quickly as is possible for you.

You will gain insight and understanding about where your sexual issues stem from by exploring your beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes about sex and your body.

I can help you learn how to let go of the blocks, inhibitions, shames and fears that are holding you back from enjoying the intimacy and fulfilment in your sexual life you deserve. I help you build your inner resources, self-esteem and feel more confident in the sexual part of you.

You will learn how to use mindfulness, self-hypnosis, breathing and relaxation techniques to connect deeper with your body and overcome sexual anxiety.

I can help you feel more comfortable and confident sexually with your body and sexual identity.

Some psychosexual problems I can help you resolve:

Female Sexual problems

  • Low sex drive
  • Problems with orgasm
  • Low sexual confidence
  • Vaginismus or Painful sex


Male Sexual problems

  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Sexual Anxiety
  • Low Sexual Confidence

Other Sexual problems

  • Porn or sex addiction
  • History of sexual abuse (child or adult)

This list is not exhaustive. If your own difficulty is not mentioned here, please contact me to discuss how I can help you.

You can call my personal reception staff on 0121 470181 (there is no need to mention the issue you wish to see me about, simply leave a name and number for me to return your call) or email me directly on emma@chesterhypnotherapy.co.uk (only I see emails).

Note 1: I work only with individuals on their individual sexual issues and do not do couples therapy sessions.

Note 2: Some sexual problems can be caused by medical and physical conditions that need medical treatments. It’s important to see your own Doctor ahead of psychological treatments to ensure these conditions have been excluded. If I feel you need to see you Doctor first, I will ask you to do so before embarking on treatment with me.


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