Hypnotherapy for Natural, Positive Change

Deep emotional healing - reaching the root causes of illness, not just treating symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful effective therapy that uses hypnosis to help a person make positive changes easily and safely.

It is clinical proven in a multitude of research studies to be an effective treatment for a wide range of health problems often in short periods of time.

If you are looking for natural, safe, yet powerful solutions for your health concerns without medications or drug side effects, you have come to the right place.

As a Medical Hypnotherapist and qualified Medical Doctor, I specialise in using hypnotherapy to help my clients  ( exclusively now women ) find freedom from their struggles with anxiety, health anxiety, alcohol, pain, insomnia, IBS, pain, stress-related health issues such as skin conditions and a range of other medical conditions.

I am highly experienced in a wide range of hypnotherapy approaches including Medical Hypnosis, regression therapy, hypno-anaylsis, Rapid transformational Therapy (RTT), Suggestion therapy, Mindfulness based Hypnotherapy and more. 


What is Hypnosis? It's not about Sleep, it's all about Suggestibility

Hypnosis is a natural, resourceful state of mind that is all about heightened suggestibility. It is a focused state in which your conscious or ‘thinking’ mind becomes ‘quieter’, almost out of the way, allowing the subconscious mind to become highly receptive to changes and positive suggestions which are specifically designed to help you.

Hypnosis uses your Brain's Own Natural States, I Just Helps You Use them Better!

We all experience natural states like hypnosis every day. If you’ve ever day-dreamed, missed your turning driving, or become so absorbed in a hobby, book or film that you lose track of time, you have experienced this natural phenomenon of mind.

Within our day to day lives, often we are being repeatedly negatively ‘hypnotised’ by our negative self-talk, our social conditioning, upbringing, culture, media and advertising around us. We are fed faulty information from which we may draw false beliefs about our self and the world that, once held, can have a massive detrimental effect on our lives. For example, many people will have a false belief of ‘not being good enough’ and the consequences of this belief can cause all kinds of problems in many areas of our lives, from low self-esteem, relationship problems, financial worries, addictions, anxiety etc

One way to think of hypnotherapy is as 'de-hypnotising' you from the negative influences that have got into your mind, body and being from the influences and stresses of the environment that surrounds you, both now and in the past.

As children, we are all in a state of almost constant hypnosis until around the age of 6 years, so our mind is like a sponge soaking in the messages that surround us, good and bad. This continues to a lesser extent as adults. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy aim to undo the negative conditioning and restore you to how you were born to be - your nature 'default’ state of calm, confidence, health and inner peace.

Hypnosis as an Active Learning Process Re-Wiring the Brain for Positive Change

Hypnosis, unlike the myth, is not like sleep. It’s a very active brain process in which you always remain in full control. The subconscious mind only takes on board suggestions or changes that it knows to be beneficial to you.

Researchers in the field of neuroscience have been able to identify changes in brain activity using brain imaging technology, demonstrating that the conscious areas of our brain (the neo-cortical areas, especially the pre-frontal cortex) are very active in hypnosis. The increased activity in these areas correlate well with the experience of increased inner focus, concentration and self-awareness that people who have experienced hypnosis will be familiar with. Research shows that hypnotherapy helps re-wire your brain for positive change.

Hypnosis as Technique to Access of Your Natural Healing Resources

Problem-solving, creativity and lateral thinking are heightened in hypnosis, as the brain makes more available valuable inner resources that may normally be held out of conscious awareness. New solutions can come up, either in or between sessions, which guide your progress forward.

I like to think of this as your ‘inner wisdom’, the part of you that is wiser about you than you are about yourself, guiding you forward, rather than trying to think out how to move forward with your conscious mind; this tends to get in our own way.

As a Hypnotherapist, my philosophy and experience is that as human beings we are often able to make positive change more easily ‘underneath the surface’ than we ever could do by using our conscious thinking mind alone.

It’s important to remember our conscious, logical, thinking mind is only good for some skills (logic, analysis, organising, forward planning), but it’s fallible (hence, worry and anxiety about things that will never happen). It is not good at dealing with emotions, intuition, our body processes or our healing.

The unconscious mind, however, is the part of you intimately connected to the physical body, emotions, most importantly, your intuition; it’s the part of you that takes care every day of the billions of miraculous automatic processes that go on within each cell of your body every day, the vast majority of which will be running beautifully most of the time.

It makes sense to use the fullness of the resources you have available to you to make emotional and physical positive change possible where logic or willpower alone have probably failed you. In my practice, this is exactly what we are doing, using hypnotherapy as a phenomenal tool, in a professional, safe and natural way.

Benefits of my approach to Hypnotherapy include:

  • Clinical proven methods for effective results
  • A safe and natural process
  • We resolve the root cause of a problem rather than just treating the symptom
  • No negative side-effects
  • Genuine, lasting, positive change - not just a 'quick fix'
  • Rapid transformation compared with other therapies
  • Wide reaching results - as positive change in one area of life tends to have a 'knock on' effect to others.


Ready to Begin Your Journey to Freedom?

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Dr Emma Rae Rhead
Safe, Effective Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with a Qualified Medical Doctor

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