Hypnotherapy for Depression

Overcome Depression with Hypnotherapy

Depression is one of the most debilitating struggles to face in life. Whether it has been an intermittent ‘life companion’ or a new challenge to face, if you have been suffering with it for a while, you may well have tried anti-depressants, self-help, other therapies yet still find yourself searching hard for answers and for a real solution.

Although depression creates chemical changes both in the brain and in our physiology, the root causes very often have emotional origins. These can be varied and complex and of course they will be personal to you. It may be that as an adult, a series of negative, stressful or damaging events, have taken you beyond a threshold, making you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope further.

Sometimes depression can have its origins in childhood, in repressed feelings or in unresolved grief. Not just bereavement for others but in grief for yourself - for lost hopes, potential or dreams that you have been unable to manifest to date. Depression is often linked to false but deep-rooted worries of ‘not being good enough’.

Depression can often be a subconscious shut-down, nature’s way of protecting you from further emotional pain, slowing you down and giving you time to reflect. Often, like many feeling or anxieties, it is your inner wisdom’s way of ‘tugging on your skirt’, telling you there are unresolved emotional issues that need your attention.

As always in my practice, I use a broad, truly holistic, approach specifically designed for women's needs to helping you with your personal struggle with depression. Using hypnotherapy, I work with you to understand the deeps rooted belief that underlie your depression. We then use treatment sessions to clear and dismantle those false beliefs at a subconscious level. Our aim is to dissolve the mental blockages that are preventing you from moving forward and finding the inner peace you truly deserve.

I also offer psychotherapy without hypnosis for women with depression that are equally as effective. I understand that not every person is looking for hypnotherapy when they are seeking support for depression.

As I help you to make changes to the way you think, in turn this brings positive change to your actions and behaviours. Learning to say ' No' without guilt when you want to can often be an important skill for women to learn to prevent feelings of overwelm arising in the future. 

The hopelessness, despair and exhaustion that often accompanies depression can be some of the most difficult challenges to face and I do understand that it can be hard to imagine that anything can help.  I also understand how it can be hard to see how I can bring anything different than other therapists before.

In my over 28 years of learning and understanding how depression feels and takes a hold on lives, both as a doctor and as a therapist I can most certainly tell you that overcoming depression is possible. I have personally worked with a great many women who have gone on to lead happy and fulfilling lives. I’d be delighted to help you too.

Take your first step right now. Contact me here today and we start by simply having a chat on the phone about your needs and I can explain how I can help.



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