Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I work with adults over 21 yrs of all and any gender regardless.

There have been times in my practice over the years where I have specialised in working with women only, and so you may see that in old marketing that is currently slowly being updated.

‘Hypnosis’ refers to the natural brain state, or phenomenon itself, whereas ‘Hypnotherapy’ is the use of hypnosis within a wider therapeutic experience to help clients make positive changes and resolve difficulties in a lasting and safe way.  Just being hypnotised in itself isn’t enough. What is needed are the skills of a highly experienced, interventional therapist who understands your problem and knows how to best use hypnosis as a vehicle to effect lasting positive change for you safely, easily and effectively. 


Absolutley not, In the same way that all fine artists are not the same, or all authors, or all builders are not the same.

Some cowboy builders you wouldn't dream of letting onto your property, whereas others are highly skilled experts who have the skills, knowledge and experience to renovate or rebuild a grade 2 listed cathedral without seeing the joins!

The field of hypnotherapists is like that. The term Hypnotherapist is not a statutory title, which means anyone can call themselves one, even if they have no training. There is an explosion of people taking brief hypnotherapist trainings online and setting up a practice with just a few days training and the world is full of  therapists, helpers, coaches and people calling themselves experts. 

You need to do your research wisely and find someone with a really credible professional training, experience and track record that you can trust.

The majority of the largest health professional bodies, such as the British Medical Association, the NHS, the American Medical Association, the British Psychological Society, will recommend that you only choose a hypnotherapist who is also a trained health professional, such as a medical doctor, clinical psychologist, specialist nurse. This is especially important for help with medical conditons.

I work with clients online throughout the UK and worldwide via live video conferencing software, Zoom. We can see each other and talk together, just the same as if we are in the same room. All you need is an internet connection and a smart phone, iPad or computer.

As working online has so many benefits, including powerful results, safety, convenience, accessibility, and many more, my practice no longer offer 'in clinic' sessions.

My practice specialises in working with adults over 21 years only. I no longer work with children or teens.

Simply contact me here via the contact page of this website or email me at Please tell me a little about your current difficulties and goals. Only I will see your message, and you will receive a personal reply from me.



You can read more about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and the use of hypnosis for medical conditions at the links below.

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Absolutely. I have been working online with clients throughout the UK and worldwide for several years and am very confident that working online is both highly effective and also very safe when delivered by an experienced health professional.

There are occasional situations where, on balance, working in a clinic setting would be most suitable for an individual for particular reasons, but for the majority, working online is both safe, accessible and as effective as working in clinic.

Within my practice, I am confident that service delivery, effectiveness, convenience, accessibility and hence results, are all better working online than when working in a clinic setting.

For these reasons, and also considering environmental factors, my practice is now a dedicated full-time online practice.

Hypnosis is a very pleasant, relaxed, yet focused state in which you are more aware of your internal experience than the world around you.  It feels similar to that daydreaming feeling when you get really absorbed in a book, a hobby or a film, except what you are becoming really absorbed in is you.

Yes absolutely, you will be fully in control at all times. Hypnosis will not make you do, say, feel or think anything that’s not in your best interest. I always work in our sessions in a way that is for your highest good and for your healing.

No, although some clients who relax deeply into hypnosis may feel as if they drift in and out of sleep momentarily, hypnosis is actually a very mentally active state quite different from sleep. Most people remain peacefully relaxed, whilst still being aware of themselves, their surroundings, and their experiences. In clinical hypnotherapy, we only require light to moderate levels of hypnosis for deep change work, and so ‘going deeper’ into hypnosis has no additional benefit. You do not need to feel deeply hypnotised to receive great benefit.

No, this simply cannot happen. Even if the hypnotherapist was to suddenly disappear, you would naturally bring yourself out of hypnosis safely and comfortably.