Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis is a powerful, natural phenomenon, or state of mind, which allows positive change and healing to occur more easily than the normal busy ‘daily life’ brain can allow.

A bit like the clutch on a car, it allows changing to a better gear to be considerable easier and smoother than trying to change gear without it!

When you are in a state of hypnosis, you will find

• Your conscious ‘thinking’ mind becomes more relaxed, allowing your subconscious mind to become more receptive to positive changes and suggestions which are designed to help you. These positive suggestions ‘stick’ more easily in hypnosis than in the normal waking state.

• It can be easier to recognise your true feelings, motivations, needs and desires so that you can take the appropriate action.

• You have greater access to the intuitive, wisest parts of yourself and your inner resources, allowing you to find new creative solutions more easily to problems that may have been a struggle in daily life.

• We can often get to the root cause of a problem or a symptom more easily, allowing this to be resolved at a deeper level and more rapidly than therapy without hypnosis might allow.

You can read more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy here

No, although hypnosis can feel like deep,restful sleep, is it actually a unique mind state which allows positive changes, transformations and upgrades to occur on a subconsious level.



Yes, most clients will consciously remember the vast majority of their hypnosis experience.

‘Hypnosis’ refers to the phenomenon itself - the state of heightened suggestibility where the subconscious mind is 'closer to the surface' and the conscious mind, which is often busy and thinking in day-to-day life, is more peaceful.

‘Hypnotherapy’ is the use of hypnosis within a therapy experience to help a person make positive change safely, effectively and often rapidly.


I work with clients online throughout the UK and internationally via live video conferencing software, Zoom. We can see each other and talk together, just as if we are in the same room. All you need is an internet connection and a smart phone, iPad or computer.

At this present time, I am not offering face-to-face sessions in my practices in Chester, Cheshire, Harley Street London or Rodney Street Liverpool.

Yes, you can be hypnotised online, as easily as in person. It is perfectly safe and just as effective.

No. My practice specialises in working with women over 21 years.

Yes absolutely. You cannot be made to do anything, or taken into hypnosis, against your will.

Please forget everything you have ever seen about TV or Stage Hypnosis that may have worried you. These are performances. The work we will do bears no relation to that. You are always the one in control.

Here are some of the many benefits of working together online:

1. You can work with me from the comfort of your own home or space, so you can get as comfy as you like.

2. It saves valuable time. No time wasted traveling to, or from, my office.

3. You can work with me from literally anywhere in the world!

4. There is no stress and worry about arriving late, directions, parking, trains, taxis or expensive overnight stays.

5. You can relax, or even take a nap, after the session, not rushing away or driving. This allows you to deeply integrate the positive shifts and energetic upgrades into your nervous system, thus allowing the rewiring of new positive neural pathways formed in session to begin to develop.

6. Results with online hypnotherapy and coaching are just the same, if not better, than in person.

7. Its environmentally friendly. No petrol miles, keeping cars off the road.

8.  No risk of transmission of Coronavirus, or even having to consider precautions around that, which you may agree is hardly relaxing, in any context.

My practice specialises in helping women find genuine lasting peace and freedom from struggles with anxiety, unhappiness, past trauma, stress, sleep, alcohol use and chronic/medical health issues such as migraine, fibromyalgia, headaches, IBS.

My practice works with adults over 21 years old only. I no longer offer services to children or teens.

I no longer offer weight loss or quit smoking services.

The number of sessions needed varies depending on your issues, particular needs and goals. 

Most clients can expect to work with me for a period of 8 weeks for genuine, lasting, positive change.

The number of live sessions within that 8 week period will vary from 2 - 6, depending on your particular needs and goals. Following your initial deep dive consultation, I will be able to carefully plan a bespoke personalised treatment plan for you over 8 weeks that will be most effective for your circumstances.


Yes absolutely, You do not need to have hypnosis to work with me or experience my approach. I also work with clients using integrative, holistic psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapy and coaching.


Yes. Hypnosis is a natural, yet powerful, process that human beings have an ‘in built’ ability to enter. All you need to receive the phenomenal benefits of hypnosis is the desire and curiosity to experience it!






Hypnosis is a very pleasant state in which you are more aware of your internal experience than the world around you.  It is a state of inner focus, peace and clarity within a calm, soft and relaxed body. 

Most people will describe their experience as deeply relaxing, refreshing, interesting and enlightening.