Frequently Asked Questions

I work with clients person-to-person throughout the UK and worldwide via Zoom live video conferencing. We can see each other and talk together, just the same as if we are in the same room. All you need is a stable internet connection and a smart phone, iPad or computer.

I have been working online with clients for several years, prior to the Covid pandemic, and am confident that online working is at least as effective as 'in person' sessions, as research trials demonstrate.

As working online has so many benefits, including powerful results, safety, convenience, accessibility, eco-friendly, and many more, my practice no longer offers 'in clinic' sessions.

My practice specialises in working with adults over 21 years only. I no longer work with children or teens.

Simply contact me here via the contact page of this website. Please tell me a little about your current difficulties and goals. Only I will see your message, and you will receive a personal reply from me.



Absolutely. I have been working online with clients throughout the UK and worldwide for several years and am confident that working online is both highly effective, and also safe, when delivered by an experienced health professional.

There are very occasional situations where, on balance, working in a clinic setting would be most suitable for an individual for particular reasons, but for the majority of individuals, working online is both safe, accessible and easily as effective as working in clinic.

Within my practice, I am confident that results, service delivery, effectiveness, convenience, accessibility and client satisfaction, are all better, or equal, working online, compared with working in a clinic setting.

For these reasons, and also considering environmental factors, my practice is now a dedicated full-time online practice.

I specialise in brief, strategic, high intensity therapeutic approaches specifically designed to help you achieve rapid transformation and genuine positive results in the shortest time possible for you. 

The number of sessions needed varies depending on the nature of the problem and the extent of positive transformation you wish to achieve by working with me. 


Yes, I offer an Initial Consultation (30 mins) that is no-obligation and complimentary to you, assuming I have availability for new clients. If you would like to book a complimentary consultation, please contact me here