Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, hypnosis is a natural process that human beings have an ‘in built’ ability to enter, so most people are more than able to benefit. All you need to receive the phenomenal benefits of hypnosis is the ability desire and curiosity to experience it!

Some people can enter hypnosis more quickly than others, but the ability to enter the hypnotic state is a skill that you can learn by practice. It gets easier, the more you practice!





Hypnosis is a natural, pleasant, relaxed state in which you are more aware of your internal experience than the world around you. 

We are all unique and so every person will experience hypnosis in their own way. 

For some people it feels like a day-dreaming feeling such as when you get really absorbed in a book, a hobby or a film, except what you are becoming really absorbed in is you! For others, they can feel more powerfully relaxed or sleepy than they expected. Some feel just pleasantly relaxed and at ease.

What's important to know is that how you feel isn't an indicator of how effective hypnosis is. Regardless of what it feels like - its working!

Contrary to popular belief results using hypnosis do not depend at all on 'going deep' and are not reserved only for those who can be deeply hypnotised. Only a very light trance is required for phenonemal results. 

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon, or state of mind, which allows positive change, recovery and healing processes (mental, emotional and physical) to occur more easily than the normal busy ‘daily life’ brain can often allow.

A bit like the clutch on a car, it allows changing to a better gear to be considerable easier and smoother than trying to change gear without it!

When you are in a state of hypnosis, you will find

• Your conscious ‘thinking’ mind becomes more relaxed, allowing your subconscious mind to become more receptive to positive changes and suggestions which are designed to help you. These positive suggestions ‘stick’ more easily in hypnosis than in the normal waking state.

• It can be easier to recognise your true feelings, motivations, needs and desires so that you can take the appropriate action.

• You have greater access to the intuitive, wisest parts of yourself and your inner resources, allowing you to find new creative solutions more easily to problems that may have been a struggle in daily life.

• We can often get to the root cause of a problem or a symptom more easily, allowing this to be resolved at a deeper level and more rapidly than therapy without hypnosis might allow.

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No, although clients who relax deeply into hypnosis may feel as if they drift in and out of sleep momentarily, hypnosis is a very mentally active state, quite different from sleep. Most people remain aware of their surroundings and can recall each hypnosis session.

(If you do fall asleep whilst listening to your hypnosis recording at home, this is no problem. The positive suggestions are still absorbed)

Yes most clients will consciously remember the vast majority of what goes on during hypnosis.

‘Hypnosis’ refers to the phenomenon itself - the state of heightened suggestibility where the subconscious mind is 'closer to the surface' and the conscious mind, which is often busy and thinking in day-to-day life, is more peaceful.

‘Hypnotherapy’ is the use of hypnosis within a therapy experience to help a person make positive change safely, effectively and often rapidly.

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Sessions are available in person at my Chester Hypnotherapy practice in Cheshire, UK and also Online.

Online 1-to-1 sessions are available from the comfort of your own home via video chat software (Zoom) direct to your computer, iPad or smart phone.

Zoom is very easy to use, free to access, and you are able to see me and here me, and I you, just as if we were in person.

All you need is a internet connection, ideally a set of headphones and a quiet comfortable place to sit, recline or lie down.

All In Person face-to-face sessions are currently suspended whilst we all do our part to prevent the spread of Corona virus.

Yes I offer a free no-obligation initial consultation call with me as a first step.

This call allows you to meet me and ask me any questions you may have.

During this call, I can understand in more detail your problem and your goals and explain clearly how I can best help you and exactly what would be involved, included costs.

Most people find this call immensely helpful to them, whether we decide to work together, or whether for whatever reason, we do not.

You can arrange an initial call with me via the contact page of this website.

For UK residents, your call will be via telephone, and for international calls, we use Zoom.

Yes you can be hypnotised online. I have done it many times before. It's completely safe and just as effective as if I was in the room with you.