Chronic Stress

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Overcoming Chronic Stress with Hypnotherapy

Chronic stress is characterised as feeling overwhelmed, anxious and pressurised, usually by a personal or professional situation, such as a relationship, a busy work schedule over a prolonged period of time.

Everyone will experience some level of temporary stress in their lives, such as a tight deadline or moving house, and a little stress can act as a motivator to focus and move people along, but prolonged or too much stress will eventually have a negative impact; as humans, we all have our limits.

Often, as I see frequently in my work, individuals will try and cope with stress on their own, rather than sharing their concerns or seeking support. But this can have a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing.

Symptoms of Chronic Stress

Chronic stress affects both mind and body, and often these symptoms, such as the inability to sleep, only exaggerate the feelings and causes of stress which can leave suffers trapped in a vicious cycle.

Emotional symptoms include:

  • Feeling anxious and worried
  • Feeling confused
  • Feeling irritable or short tempered
  • Feeling low or depressed, or in extreme cases suffers may feel suicidal.


 Physical symptoms include:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate or focus
  • Bowel problems
  • Backache,headaches, migraines
  • Increased blood pressure, heart rate, sweating
  • Exacerbations of stress-related problems eg eczema
  • 'Medically unexplained' symptoms

Changes in Behaviour with chronic stress

  • An individual’s behaviour may also change and become more erratic.
  • They may turn to unhealthy coping strategies such as smoking and alcohol as stress relievers; habits which were previously pastimes can become more dangerous to physical and emotional health.


Overall Impact of Chronic Stress

All these factors have a huge impact on lifestyle, work, relationships and physical and mental wellbeing, and it is important that individuals seek help and treatment for chronic stress.

Left untreated symptoms and related circumstances are only likely to worsen, leaving sufferers vulnerable at its worst to anxiety, panic attacks, ‘nervous breakdown’ or severe bouts of depression, addiction or a serious physical health issues.


Stress Expert Hypnotherapist - How My Services Can Help You

In my experience of helping many thousands of individuals with stress and stress-induced illness, I am well aware of how hard it can be for an individual to admit they are struggling or need help. It is important to remember that everyone experiences times when they need help and support; we are all only human.

Sometimes the person suffering may not necessarily realise they are suffering with chronic stress, as they may be so used to ‘pushing down’ feelings or keeping a stiff upper lip to ‘stay strong’. It can often be that those around them recognise changes in the individual before they do. Sometimes individuals just feel awful and really are not sure how they feel.

First Steps – Assessment

The first part of our work together is for me to assess your difficulties so I can be clear as to the help you need and plan interventions to effectively help you quickly.

We will talk in confidence about how you are feeling and the areas of life that feel a struggle.  Together we will build up a picture of the relevant issues and how they impact on your health, physical and mental, relationships, work and personal life.

An important part of my assessment is to check for any serious health concerns that may need medical treatment, and also for co-existing difficulties that may require specific treatment alongside stress, such as depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, insomnia, high blood pressure  etc.  (This is one reason why its so important to work with a medically trained therapist, such as myself, so that important issues are not missed and you can be treated safely)

I will be looking also for aspects of your personality, coping style, belief systems, personal history, life circumstances etc. that may have led you to be vulnerable to the negative impacts of chronic stress.

Once a full assessment is completed, we will discuss your aims and expectations of our work together, and then tailor interventions that work for you.

Overcome Chronic Stress with Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Psychotherapy

Using Hypnotherapy, I can help you

  • Relax, heal and restore
  • Tune in again with your bodies signals and wisdom
  • Improve sleep
  • Explore the triggers and causes of chronic stress in the different facets of your life
  • Identify the thoughts, feelings and actions that may be keeping the cycle of chronic stress going
  • Look at how sometimes it’s how we think and react to a problem, rather than the problem itself that can be the issue
  • Identify and break negative behaviour patterns that contribute to stress
  • Address issues such as how you relate with others, if this is a trigger
  • Treat co-existing issues such as anxiety, depression, addictions, chronic pain
  • Tackle any unresolved emotional issues, such as guilt, anger, that are internal stressors
  • Develop positive coping strategies for staying on top of stress in the long term
  • Understand the importance of excellent self-care, protection  and relaxation for a balanced life
  • Understand the importance of good nutrition, adequate hydration and enough exercise in dealing with stress
  • Learn effective, natural tools and skills that will positively shift your mood and energy quickly
  • Build emotional resilience for the future
  • Develop an effective daily stress-busting practice that suits you and is sustainable long-term

Of course, you are unique and your solutions to stress will be unique; not all of the above may be relevent to your life.

If you are concerned you are suffering chronic stress, contact me to discuss your particular needs and discover how my approach can help you relieve stress and regain your wellness.


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