Hypnotherapy for Stress

Are you finding everyday life overwhelming and you’re struggling to cope?
Do you feel frayed and like there is never enough time for you?
Is your health suffering or are you worried about the impact of stress on your health longterm?

The good news is you do not need to suffer. I offer holistic hypnotherapy services specifically designed to help women overcome the negative effects of stress and get themselves back 'on top' of their lives. 

We are all different and there are lots of reasons why we become stressed.  It is often because, in all the demands and pressures of our lives as women, we have lost touch with our ‘true centre’ – our own needs, feelings and self-care have slipped down the priority list and we feel the results that.  Its normal in life to lose a little balance sometimes, but when these feelings persist or you can’t find a way forward, this can be a time to look for support.

Most women have very many roles to juggle in life and looking after others needs first may well have become a habit. Your work life balance may be off balance, or you have got stuck in a rut with some area of life. In my experience of working with women, stress is very often a result of not having the confidence to say ‘No’ or to make changes when change is needed, especially when these changes affect others.

Stress is often something we then internalise. We try to manage and keep all the plates spinning, even though we are getting closer and closer to breaking point or burnout. Often having the courage and the confidence to make a change and bring your needs right back into full focus is something that can be hard to do alone.

As stress builds, we will often find ways to cope that are self-destructive for us. We develop more and more frustrating and turn this on ourselves, which only serves to create more hurt and inner conflict. We might turn to temporary fixes such as alcohol or food to sooth our pain, shopping or any of the numerous distractions that life can provide that ultimately leave us feeling even more down and defeated.

We go around and round this cycle of stress and alone it can be hard to see a way forward.

Finding a solution to stress is important. Without effective stress relief the pressures in the mind and the body can build up and begin to have alasting impact on mental wellbeing and physical health long-term. It can be so easy to ignore the effects of stress which are often unseen at first, but the truth is that very many mental health and physical health issues can be trigger or worsened by stress both in the short term and in the long term. Your body truly is a temple and it is the only place you have to live so make sure you give you the time, energy and support you need. 

Hypnotherapy and the stress management services I provide are specifically designed to help women because women’s lives can be very different from men’s - the pressures we face are different and very often the solutions too.

To find out how my holistic hypnotherapy services designed specifically for women can help you overcome stress, please contact me here today to arrange a time to speak on the phone about how I can help you.

I'd be delighted to help.


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