The Keys to Successful Therapy

There has been a lot of research conducted to discover what makes therapy work and consistently results show that, apart from your motivation to change, who you choose to work with is the greatest predictor of your success.

Who You Choose as Your Therapist - The Greatest Predictor of Your Success

One reason for this is that the relationship that develops between therapist and client is vital to provide the client with the safety, self-belief, confidence and courage needed to change.

It’s vital to choose a therapist with whom you can build an effective empowering working alliance. It’s important that this can be established quickly, especially in brief therapy, as often we may only be working a few hours together.

It doesn’t mean that the therapist necessarily has to be ‘your kind of person’ or that you even like everything about them, but the therapist you work with does need to be someone who:

  • Inspires your confidence and trust
  • Is experienced and knowledgable
  • Has the potency as a therapist to help you achieve your success
  • Can hold the emotions if any difficult feelings come up for you (rather than be fearful or unsure themselves)
  • Will protect the safe space of therapy for you, not just for the time you are working together , but forever.
  • Can provide you with a comprehensible explanation of how your unique difficulties have occurred that is empowering, so that it becomes clear that there are things you can actively do to get better

Belief that hypnosis will work is not required; many clients new to hypnotherapy will be sceptical yet make excellent progress. You do need to have enough belief enough in your therapist. Once they start to see results, clients so often will express that they wish they had come for Hypnotherapy years ago!


Client Motivation to Change - Your Greatest Asset


Therapy works best when you are motivated, committed and ready to change.

Motivation can come from being sick of being stuck, in pain, or in distress.

Change, even positive change can be hard for us all, its human nature, and sometimes we have to be in enough pain for us to muster our resources, and work on our issues in therapy.

Let’s be honest, all clients have some reluctance about coming for therapy. No one is ever 100% motivated to change. Thankfully you don’t need to be. It’s my job to help you move forward, despite the part of you who’s stuck.

You do need to be motivated and committed enough to actively work on your issues with me in a team effort to get your desired results. If you are not, I suggest therapy is not for you.

Therapy, including Hypnotherapy, is not a passive process; it’s a well understood process that the client must actively engage in, guided and supported by the expertise, experience and commitment of the therapist.

If you choose to work with me, and I feel I can help you, it will be my privilege, and you will have 100% of my professional commitment in our sessions together to help you achieve your results

The reality is that the power to make positive healing change in your life really does reside with you.  It’s my job to help you realise your power, build strength, health and resilience, and achieve your healing.

With a highly motivated client and a highly potent therapist, we can move mountains...

Are you ready for the journey?

If you are ready of change and are considering working with me as your therapist, call me (Dr Rhead) now on 01244 470181, or email me if you prefer, to discuss your particular needs. I will explain how I can help.

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