Issues We Can Help You Resolve

I can help you with the issues and difficulties listed below.

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact me to discuss your particular needs.

Anxiety related issues

  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • health anxiety
  • social anxiety
  • fears and phobias (including fear of flying)
  • emetophobia (fear of being sick)
  • needle phobia
  • anxiety about doctors, dentists, tests and procedures

Insomnia and sleep problems

Pain management

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Clinical hypnosis for medical problems

 e.g. skin problems, migraine, fibromyalgia, IBS, depression, medically unexplained symptoms, high blood pressure

         e.g. stopping, reducing, controlling, binge drinking

Dental hypnosis

        e.g. teeth grinding, hypersensitive gag reflex

Increasing happiness

Life-work balance

Confidence / self-esteem

Performance enhancement (creative, sports, business, public speaking)

Eating problems

        e.g picky eating, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia

Unwanted habits and behaviours
       e.g. hair pulling, teeth grinding, smoking

Managing difficult emotions

e.g. anger, jealousy, hurt, shame, guilt



e.g. insecurity, jealousy, improving boundaries, assertiveness, forgiving, letting go, breakup, divorce

Psycho-sexual difficulties

          e.g. premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, painful sex (women)

Adjusting to loss and change

e.g. bereavement, separation, divorce, aging

Enhancing fertility / infertility / IVF support



The above list is not exhaustive and should you be struggling with an area of concern which isn’t listed here, please contact me to discuss your particular needs.


Dr Emma Rae Rhead Hypnotherapy
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