Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Therapy

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety,, addiction or chronic pain ? 

Do you want freedom from striving to be more or achieve more, and want to learn how to let yourself just be ?

Do you want to learn how to relax, create space in your life for more joy, happiness and simplicity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, mindfulness and mindfulness-based therapy can help.

Combining 21st century brain science with ancient wisdom, mindfulness is a powerful set of skills and tools scientifically proven to help anyone achieve more out of life by enhancing various positive qualities of the mind.

By fostering mindfulness, we can calm the body and learn to manage our thoughts and emotions. With practice, these skills will help you build peace, balance and stability into life whatever the dramas surrounding you or the circumstances you face. There are few skills more priceless than this, in my view.

Mindfulness can be highly useful for anyone suffering from stress, worry, anxiety, chronic pain, addictive tendencies, depression and a wide range of long term physical or mental health issues. More than this, if you want to be a high performer and succeed in life, a regular mindfulness meditation practice will take your performance to the next level.

Benefits of Mindfulness 

When you practice mindfulness regularly, the benefits you can experience include:

  • Inner calm; increased ease of being
  • More joy in life
  • Clarity of thought; can see more clearly
  • Increased ability to focus and concentrate
  • Increased connection with your true self
  • Peace of mind
  • Freedom from worry and negative thinking
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Freedom from old negative emotional patterns or habits
  • More compassionate to yourself and to others
  • Increased ability to ‘go with the flow’ of life
  • Enhanced ralationships
  • Spiritual growth


Make Mindfulness a Way of Life

Meditation is a daily formal practice and best established by a regular sitting practice but mindfulness skills can also be weaved into daily living in a less formal way by bringing mindfulness techniques into routine day-to-day activities, such as eating, drinking, making tea, cleaning, washing, cooking, dressing,  allowing everyday activities to become a meditation in themselves.

Mindfulness can be practiced by exploring and developing movement practices, such as walking meditations. Whatever your lifestyle, there is a way to make mindfulness work for you. As a therapist, medical doctor, meditation teacher and certified mindfulness coach, my aim is to guide you from complete beginner to make mindful living a daily reality for you.

If you are interestedi in establishing a regular mindfulness practice, learning to live more mindfully or exploring mindfulness based hypnotherapy or therapy, please contact me to discuss your particular needs in confidence today. I can design a bespoke mindfulness programme specifically for your needs.


Dr Emma Rae Rhead 
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