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Combining ancient wisdom and 21st century science, Meditation is a powerful set of skills to help anyone achieve more out of life, but in particular, individuals suffering from stress, worry, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction recovery, depression and a wide range of long term physical or mental health issues. The word Mindfulness means compassionate and lucid awareness, a sense of knowing what is happening in the external and internal world in the now as it is happening.

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Most of us are more used to its opposite: Mindlessness – times when we are not really conscious of what is going on within us, when we find ourselves repeating unhelpful thoughts or behaviours without noticing, eg eating that whole packet of biscuits before realising.

Mindfulness means waking up and checking in to what’s actually happening so that in the moment we can make wise and healthy choices.

Essentially, Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges as a by-product of cultivating three related skills:

(a) intentionally paying attention to moment-by moment events as they unfold in the internal and external world

(b) noticing habitual reactions to such events, often characterized by aversion or attachment (commonly resulting in over-thinking)

(c) cultivating the ability to respond to events with full awareness, rather than react, with an attitude of open curiosity and compassion without judgement.


Mindfulness Meditation: A Traditional Daily Practice

Mindfulness is traditionally cultivated by the daily practice of meditation in which people learn to pay attention in each moment with full intentionality and with friendly interest.

Meditation is not about clearing or emptying the mind, but rather observing and coming to terms with the minds patterns.

Daily meditation practice allows people to see the way in which certain patterns of mind lead to escalation of emotions. It allows for the ability to see more clearly leading to the ability to create more wholesome outcomes in everyday life.


Benefits of Meditation

When you practice meditation regularly, the benefits you can experience include:

  • Inner calm; increased ease of being
  • More Joy in life
  • Clarity of thought; can see more clearly
  • Increased connection with your true self
  • Peace of Mind
  • Freedom from worry and negative thinking
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Freedom from old negative emotional patterns or habits.
  • More compassionate to yourself and to others.
  • Increased ability to ‘go with the flow’ of life


Make Meditation a Way of Life

Meditation and Mindfulness can be weaved into daily living in a less formal way and become a lifestyle by bringing mindfulness into routine day-to-day activities, such as mindful eating, drinking, making tea, cleaning, washing, cooking, dressing,  allowing everyday activities to become a meditation in themselves. Mindfulness can be practiced more by exploring and developing mindful movement practices, e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi and walking meditations


Meditation Learnt One-To-One

As well as a new mediation class beginning in Chester in 2018, I offer private one-to-one meditation tuition.

I offer a unique bespoke personalised one-to-one method of teaching Meditation. By working closely on an individual basis with you, not only can I help you develop a practice that works with you and your commitments, I can help you remove any potential obstacles to your practice ahead of time and be your guide on this journey.

About Me and Meditation

I have been qualified to teach Meditation since 2005 and have had a regular personal daily meditation practice for over 17 years. I teach various form of meditation including Mindfulness Meditation, Mantra Meditation and Guided Imagery Meditation Methods.

If you are considering learning Meditation and are wanting a bespoke personalised approach to developing a practice that will fit beautifully into your life, or you are interested in the new Beginner's Chester Meditation class for 2018, please contact me to discuss.


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