My Promise to You

As a client of mine, you can expect the following commitments from me:

  • Your health and wellbeing will always be my primary concern.
  • I will provide you with a safe, confidential and supportive environment in which you can make the positive changes you need.
  • I will not judge you. You will never have to worry about judgement or shame with me. 
  • I do not use labels in my practice, so I will not label you.
  • My aim is always to empower you to achieve genuine success that lasts and improves the quality of your life moving forward. We aim to do this as quickly as is possible for you.
  • I will be always be honest and straightforward with you. You will always know where you stand with me.
  • All good relationships are based on mutual respect and trust; I will always respect your wishes and your needs.
  • I will do my best to understand you and your issues without making any presumptions. Everyone is different and you are entitled to be you and to hold your views about the world. If I struggle to understand, I will ask.
  • You will have access to my 30 years of professional expertise, knowledge and skills as a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, coach and medical doctor, plus my own life experience and wisdom, to help you achieve your goals.
  • You are invaluable in the world. I want you to be your very best self and I am passionate about supporting you do that. I cannot do this alone. You hold the power to change your own life. You are 100% responsible for you. I can not carry you or do the work of change for you, but if you are committed to change and willing to do what is necessary to achieve it, I will match your commitment 100% and together we can achieve your success.


Dr Emma Rae Rhead
Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, Medical Hypnotherapist, Medical Intuitive, Holistic Doctor
Mind-Body Medicine, Medical Hypnotherapy, Medical Intuition, Energy Medicine
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